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Got Fleetwood is our satisfaction of Tom Keegan our technical director. We go to the fourth quarter of play with my minutes. Thirty three seconds remaining Philadelphia by two eleven to nine they've got control the ball down the right side of med bits. Speaking in right to the goal is getting a shot away. But already of the crease area was commitee's. Have a loose ball is picked up by buffalo, and they'll clear it back out to midfield. Jewelry were the shoveling move over to Sean Evans sets up the play with Dade Smith. The top of the slot. Ten seconds left on the power play for buffalo. Here's Evans, farside password, south shock wide rebound heavens with I shot on it and coming up with a pig. Rookie played very strong tonight for Philadelphia between the pipes. The wings are back the full strength as Kevin probably steps from the penalty box in right into the fray into the buffer zone. Waving the ball off or go to in got the ball, straight and leaves it out in front blocked by Buffalo's defense cleared up by the bandits and they've got him. He comes over the Philadelphia restraining line, the covered granola with shot and fucking. But they're saying Mitch this new gets the rebound from the far Philadelphia quarter while buffalo plans on making a change with all the forwards coming out Jordan Durst with the ball over to chase Frazier. Frazier out there along with Thomas Hogarth setting up a pick for maybe an hour to the midfield over the Chris clue j now clue j back over to Dirksen Gerston with the ball double team, the play managing to break free with a shot right on it. Bucket. Coming up with the same and rebound picked up by Jack. Kennedy. We're back out at midfield. Fall is intercepted by state free. Over seven minutes have been before seconds remaining in regulation Bubalo down by two eleven to nine story of the game from ws five goal run. In the midst of the first and second quarter pad their lead into halftime. Take advantage of buffalo. Sloppy play in the third quarter. The bandits trying to battle back. Here are the fourth. Sean Evans, but the ball hit me get back over Jordan, Dirksen. Now, there's a shot by small say, by Packard rebound. Put it out beyond the push it back out to midfield. Law cleared out along the way by Philadelphia in across the nine now is bent Rambo. Player from Maryland. Worton throw p winter two thousand seventeen by-pass out at front. There's a shots right on by Matisse. A kid coming in front of Buffalo's net unchecked crossing the line is Dade Smith hourly taking the shot shoulder. Stay Puckett rebound. Jordan Thurston, shot clock is reset Thurston. Now over to Steve Ryozo part of his rush point side. Of course, bodies out of the way Frazier with the ball farside over the Gerstner tick that clue table the shot saved by Buchan rebound elected by Philadelphia and forced back onto the road zone. And set up across the line six thirty four remaining in the fourth quarter it out the eleven buffalo nine. Shots on goal favoring buffalo fifty to forty three Philadelphia with the ball control down in the benthic zone from the far side away from the top down at Jordan hall with a low drive say by Matt bits rebound buffalo with the ball. Intercepted off the clearing attempt pass. Amidst. This new gotta stick wrap around the back of Jordan hall is slow and getting up, and you can hear the reaction from the fans and the Wells Fargo center. This new role into the penalty box. Number twelve. Just got his arm wrapped around Jordan hall room down to the ground and the power play coming up four could it up. Oh. Power play opportunity up this game. They stand to for four Bascom play outing this year for fill it up. Give them credit with the man advantage making some good connections. And looking to take a three-goal lead deleted eleven to nine with my five minutes and forty seven seconds remaining in regulation. Jordan hall setting up a quick stick shot for the far side. Grandpa, but couldn't make the connection. Buffalo shorthanded has got it with the cross the line St. preorder now Dame Smith is for yoga clears players out of the way for Smith who looks hard outside the line. You'll retreat over to the buffalo bench and leave the ball back off. Now to the nearside at Jordan. And Hogarth is out there. The we'll have another stoppage in play. We'll find out with this. Call might be. Mukund from behind the play got hit hard and Gerston going to the penalty box. We're here the call. I did not see the play. Durst goes to the penalty box. So. Another to. Two minutes. Prince and Buchan down on his knees being worked on by the Philadelphia trainer. So did not see that from behind the players it squirted down to the near corner. But Durst interfering with Buchan in front of Philadelphia. Matt. Apparently. Okay. All his feet remains in the game. As the Philadelphia trainer goes back to the wings bench. Durst. It does here on this particular play just like he got his elbow in the mask area bucket as Durst and try to get a shot away with actually bought the strings of his stick and didn't even hit the mat goes into the far corner. Sola ball cleared by Philadelphia with two band advantage now for the next fifty six seconds as Durst and sits in the box along with midst. This new this is the fourth quarter Lebanon. I. Philadelphia. Four minutes. Fifty four seconds and counting left in regulation. Sean Evans with the ball short handed down by two double teamed on the play a penalty coming up against the Delpierre. And they. Most penalized player the pathway. Doc who will get the caller was to the dismay of a fan so sensitive. Hockey. So this is the setup now thirty four seconds left. Amidst this snooze call one twenty three left in the call, Jordan Thurston. Now, leeann patent goes to the penalty box for two minutes. So when we come back, we'll have a redesigned here with a four on three situation. Put it up his advantage. They lead it, folks. Eleven with four forty two remaining regulation tonight. I'm WJR sports radio. Five fifty. I'm.

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