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A headline was from two thousand late in the two thousand season. And you'll remember this when jim fossil delay jim fossil was the coach giants. You remember kris showed up there to giants with scuffling and he said i guarantee you will make the playoffs. Do you remember that. That was jim fossil. And guess what they did that year. They didn't even make just make the playoffs. They went to the super bowl chris. That was jim fossils team. And i'm talking about when you wanna stand up there and stick your chest out. You better talk about it in indefinite terms. And i have more respect for jim fossil. That could blow up in his face. Chris right and that could have been it. He guaranteed that that team was good enough and that it will make the playoffs. So i want to hear mike mayock and john gruden stand up and say we have everything we put this team together and this team is a playoff team. I don't care what division we're and we're making the playoffs. Make las vegas proud. I hear you. But i wouldn't do that if i were going to do. I wouldn't why would i do that. The writers can do that the reporters the broadcaster has like us. We can say that. But if i'm on the hot seat. If i'm even worried that you know look i'm looking bailey. I know it's been three years. We haven't even had a witness. Why world rob. You're not wrong in that you want conviction but it does the coach no good. Yeah but what are out there and say we're going to make the playoffs and what they said. What they said was nothing today. Following them both to do where everybody in the league chris. Right isn't coaching. the league is gonna come out and say we're gonna win the super bowl win. The sun just saying night is similar. A higher level right. I'm just saying. I don't think any of these gonna make guarantees like that all day. You know in new york rob in fossil did do it but in new york times players particularly get kinda tricked into making a guarantee. I'm not into the all always say. I'm talking about john gruden's tenure there. Chris you just said it haven't had a winning record. Haven't made the playoffs enough already. Four most coaches get four or five years. Chris here we go. This is a long long manhattan winning record or maybe playoff. Get it while you were with four. Could you be nine and seven and just missed a playoffs. You know what i'm saying. Like i would say okay. They're on their way all right. Eight hundred seventy seven thousand nine or fox. Eight seven seven nine nine six sixty three sixty nine that segment crushed killed melted rob g. He's in tears. He's on the floor in the embryonic position fox. Sports radio has the best sports talk lineup. In the nation catch all of our shows at fox sports radio dot com and within the iheartradio app. Search f.

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