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Tell about hampshire. Because he was two or twelve from three point range. That's really where it affects you. The base in your shot five or seventeen in the game but he did go tim from the free throw line gets and nine assists nine rebounds almost triple double despite playing. Yeah he showed a toughness to you gotta again. We haven't even talked about the bucks we haven't talked about the performance from jaanus. We haven't talked about what khris middleton has been able to do for them and then winning a game seven on the road after what we've said about the bucks in you know wondering can we trust them but they did get it done. But i'm telling you they came a toenail and kevin durant the shot with an incredible shot right before the buzzer. Don't believe in. I don't but regulation. Look i don't believe in a box like that i do. You still don't mazing. isn't it. No like the momentum. I like what. Atlanta's doing in nate mcmillan. He got certain way. Absolutely hawks box. And you would you take atlanta. I'm taking atlanta you picking atlanta. Yes how many games six. Who wouldn't that be a story. Oh my god. I'm picking atlanta six. Because they got momentum behind. They plan as they say they playing with house. Money gonna lose right. They don't have they feel good about their position and where they're at. Here's another question again back to the nets because for the box it was important to get this far but actually if you think about it for the bucks it only adds more pressure because it was the sixers whilst the top seed you know. They're built maybe differently more but the sixers are not in. Its announced the bucks now. It's the hawks. And if you look at the bucks you're like you guys now you better get to the championship round. You better get to the nba finals. The window is right there for them to quite a lot of the narrative but back to the nets for a minute. Because i don't see it as a disappointing season. I'm sorry it wasn't a disappointment. Only disappointing because you were kind of looking forward to seeing it is pointing that they couldn't stay healthy but even if they think about the window for them because they're older Will see where they go on these contracts because all of them are stores the although not james harden but for katie inquiry. They do have opt outs coming up after next season so if they do. Let's say they get one thai kate. They can't go anywhere else. This is it you think they should finish here. There's no else to go. Why would you leave at this point of their careers. You can't keep at some point. You can't keep moving around. Yeah you gotta in whatever happens happens well how about if you're the nets though do you do you. Just keep going as they get older. You just keep sticking with this because they again over. Thirty's injury riddled saying this. If kai read it and land on janas his foot. We wouldn't be having this conversation about. I think they'd be in the finals. You have this conversation. The only reason why we've been having this conversation is because they got balanced it did make it to the eastern conference finals or championship is the best three that you've seen put together on a rosser since the heels since we're on the heat eagles. Yeah the lebron. Wade and chris bosh was in the league. Now you got. I obviously steph. Do you really have to play. Israelis well steph clay and k. D's is a pretty great three as well. They won multiple titles. The heat won multiple titles. And i think you need this group to win multiple titles but the nba in in my opinion not only the nba but the eastern conference is stronger better than it was when miami had a big three saloons. Easier to get out of the eastern conference at that time. The thing about miami with that really marvel at four years. They had such durability. Those those three guys. Yeah but these are important missing them for long periods of time golden state as well up until the very end where they started full report we talking about. Were talking about really one injury. Kyrie's ankle 'cause katie's katie. Looked good haiti he just. He's a year ago. He took your. I took a year off. I'm getting paid. i'm gonna take a year off. I'm gonna play if i wanted to. That's what it looked like. And then james horne just has a nagging hamstring injury. That takes time to heal that. He has to come back next year in october. Ready to go. He got it out. He gave you an average of forty five minutes. Katie played like i said i. He played other worldly like he played he reminded and not just in the playoffs but just in the regular season playoffs it is it is by far the most impressive comeback from an achilles injury ever like the next guy to having achilles. That's your standard good luck. Yeah he he got bright back to where he was initially chilly last year. Just watch basketball mentally plati just messing with all of us so look at it though allen. We say injuries injuries injuries. But that's the story about the nets though. Can they win a championship going through the marathon. Melvin e two game season and stay healthy because the question about these hilly not celinda. Somebody's foot exactly. That's not an injury like that to meet your saying it's ask breakout injury. That's not a i'm thirty seven years old ankles getting ready to fall. That's not what that is that. Is that look janas. Independent for no reason at all it. Kyri lands on his ankle anchor. If that doesn't happen hardness basically because he just wasn't he did not show up for the rockets. I don't know if that's why don't know why he's injured. I don't know why had a hamstring empties use air-conditioning i. I don't know if they manage shape high idea. I can't comment on his his hilton his endured. I don't know that he look in shape just like he looks like harden harden. Looks that way ever looked like you know. Just his body type. Looks that way all right. Can you at least admit while we move on from this that the biggest question about the nets next season will not be. If they can do it. I think we believe they can. It's can they. Can they stay healthy enough to do it through the long haul because there is that history with kyrie of being banged up he gets injured. It does happen and then harden who normally is very durable if twin through the hanley thing if two of the three stay healthy that i think that they will be back in the same position they were again this year. We shall see. There's no doubt about that. All right more on the nba playoffs coming up including magic johnson. In.

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