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Their last caller Cup championship behind forwards Daniel car and Orland park. Nine TJ Tynan the wolves in the league's highest scoring team. Joined the Chicago wolves this January as they host division rivals, including Rockford and no walkie at AllState arena and celebrate the twenty fifth season with free parking all year, courtesy of your Chicago land and northwest Indiana Kia dealers, high scoring winning hockey and free parking the Chicago wolves last team standing. Imagine your favorite Rhode smooth empty full of turn false turn. Imagine Dr narrow and you're only two thousand nineteen Acura RDX directly connected to the two hundred seventy two turbocharged horsepower. Imagine the ability super handling all wheel drive carbon turn on rails. Tired Britain the pavement with racecar like precision. Imaginative fingertips on the sports battleship commanding. The ten speed transmission to perfectly set the RDX up for each and every turn imagined. No one. The all new two thousand nine hundred nine Acura, RDX, everything we ever imagined. Visit any of the eleven Chicago land in northwest, Indiana Acura dealers today and test drive, the new two thousand nineteen RDX. Learn more at Chicago Acura dealers dot com. Low shoppers, we're closing our Portage Indiana store located at six two two one US highway six and liquidating all current product inventory at this location. Hurry in and take advantage of huge deals on everything from appliances, tools, roaring, holiday decor, and more while those of Portage is closing we want to ensure you we're still here to serve you at nearby locations and online visit lows dot com to find the lowest. It's most convenient for you. Save big start with Lowes while supplies last. See store for details. Welcome back to sports. Today's.

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