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Three people who were murdered in the tree of life synagogue on Saturday were buried today. Bernice Simon her husband Sylvan, Simon and Richard Gottfried. Donald Trump continues to fuel the anti semitic conspiracy theory that George Soros is funding. What Donald Trump calls an invasion headed toward our southern border, the president's invasion rhetoric inspire. The mass murderer to go into the synagogue and kill those people and try to kill as many Jews as he could in that. Mass murderer is final social media post. He said he is going to kill Jews because he believed they are supporting what Donald Trump calls, an invasion, and there is absolutely no evidence that the collective March for many of barefoot March through Central America is actually being funded by anyone certainly not George Soros, and certainly not the eleven dead in Pittsburgh or anyone in Pittsburgh. The president lied about what happened in. Pittsburgh on the day that he visited without an invitation. From anyone a huge protest in the squirrel hill neighborhood met the president that day. The president told this lie about the protest. I came home, and sadly turned on the news and watched as the far left media once again us tragedy too. So individual. Individual. Sadly, they took a small group of protesters far away from where we were they did everything in their power to try to play it up and push people apart. It was fake. And it was make believe what they said one of the people Donald Trump saw talking about these protests on television was Tammy helps who joined us on Tuesday night. She was one of the organizers of the protest. She will join us next with her reaction to the president's lies about her and the protests and how his visit was resisted by the people of Pittsburgh. Tonight at a political rally in Missouri. The president of the United States actually complained complained that the mass murder at the tree of life synagogue in Pittsburgh, stopped the momentum. That was the word he used the momentum. That's to me was worried about it stopped the momentum of his campaigning and Republicans campaigning. That's what troubled the president tonight about a mass murder. Not one word of moral outrage about the targeting of Jews by the mass murder. Not one word just momentum losing campaign momentum. That's all he cared about. Tonight. Joining us now from Pittsburgh is Tammy helps one of the people who protested the president's visit to Pittsburgh Tammy. You've heard what the president said about your protest of that. It was small. All that it wasn't anywhere near him of that. It really didn't represent the feelings in Pittsburgh at all that we in the news media were lying about it. And I guess lying about it. I was I guess lying about it by having you on the show from telling us your own experience in the protest what what's your reaction to that? Sara where close to five thousand of us there marching through the neighborhood are lines snaked blocks long Weaver, singing, our neighbors were out on their porches. We encountered the motorcade. I we were just two blocks from the tree of life synagogue in our voices carried it's as though he's trying to erase all of us who were there and the experience that we had in raising our voices in peaceful songs in prayers to share our message. What is your reaction to the president tonight saying that the the mass murderer at the synagogue for him represented a loss of momentum as a campaigner? I thought what I was most afraid of going in is that he would say crass things about our beloved dead. The fact that he just cast them entirely assigned. They were a distraction. They took away from the mental mystique me met. He missed his rallies. I that hurts me more than I could have possibly imagined. When I worried about what might happen is a result of this business this visit excuse me..

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