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So I've enlisted the help of my friend and colleague Roland Varga sh at 4 30 to discuss the Australian Open. I'm what bets are the best one question which bets are best? Devante Smith. You have sea fighter will join me in 15 minutes. Great story. A personality and a great win on Saturday for him, and he will be my guest in just a few minutes. 5 to 29872 is the number If you would like to interact with show I had this scenario presented to me last night on Twitter. And I am always open. To these conversations in the evening time at gingerly tweets If you want to find me there on On the Twitter. Was asked if I was worried at all that Patrick Mahomes would go the way of Cam Newton. And I and I get the premise. Premises Cam Newton with all the hype in the world Heads into the Super Bowl and get smacked around, and we haven't seen him in a Super Bowl sense. And while there are a few things you know with Cam Newton, I would say that my Holmes is a better player. He's a more um Multi faceted player, whereas with Cam Newton not only the beating he took in Super Bowl 50, but the beating he took prior to and after was really doomed him. Because when you're running quarterback and you get Your knees taken out. And you get banged up. It's hard for you to remain in that. And that's was the problem with Cam Newton. I thought Bella check will get a good year out of him. He really didn't. So I'm not worried. From that aspect, but but the point of this Is a question that I have been asked many times since Sunday. The idea that maybe more homes and the Chiefs won't get back there. And Aaron Rodgers. Is a comparison that I have heard more. Over the past couple of days. And we know the story of Aaron Rodgers. He was on the list of one of the youngest quarterbacks to ever start a Super Bowl. He won and he hasn't been back since. And it's been a decade. So I understand the comparison and I understand The nature of the NFL. Was NFL stands for, not for long. Right. That doesn't just mean how long the players last, but it's also success is not for long. Your window can close up very quickly. So I get it. And I don't think it's it's trolling. Any time. It's just, you know, people direct that at me. Some think that Oh, it's just somebody trolling Ryan because he's a chiefs fan another. I don't don't take it that way. It's a legitimate question. Absolutely legitimate question if we have seen Patrick Mahomes playing his last Super Bowl I don't think it is. And here's the reason why On the list of the youngest quarterbacks there. Only half a dozen That have played in a have started a Super Bowl at age 27 or younger. More homes is on that list. Aaron Rodgers was on that list. But I looked at that list. And I also saw names like Brady Montana Bradshaw, Aikman. And Manning, Eli, not Peyton. All started in the Super Bowl, age 27 or younger. Now Aaron Rodgers has only been to one Right. And then ey only went to two. Right. It's easy to throw out, Eli because You know, Eli most years wasn't good enough quarterback to even get his team to the playoffs. We know you I The Majesty of Eli Manning is in the postseason and specifically going against Tom Brady. You look at the rest of that list. Brady Montana Bradshaw eggman. All of those guys made at least a third Super Bowl. Aikman went to three Brad Shine it up going to four. And then we know Montana and Brady had been toe like a billion. Been toe like half the Super Bowls. Had have ever been played. Um.

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