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The benefits of their twenty hours of battery life and how the click of a button, you can change the amounts of noise cancelling to fit your environment. Meaning that when you're at home or in the office, you get the same consistent sound quality as you do on a busy noisy street. And if you're an Amazon, Alexa, Google assistant user, then you'll be pleased to know that the key thirty-five twos of being refined to give you direct access to both again all accessible by just the click of a button, speaking of which I better press stop on this recording. Let us get back to Ross. That's a good point as well. Isn't it because how much easier was your life on the will having Michael in the car as opposed to another driver? I point at I think, Hungary, ninety eight is one example where you had a make up. I think twenty five seconds in nineteen laps and put him on a three stop. And you beat both of them McLarens. Could you have done that kind of thing with any other driver? There will be drivers who could do that. But. Michael was exceptional because he had the ability to do that. He enjoyed doing it. A nothing turned him on more than than doing it. And. He understood it all he would spend the time with us with the models with the strategy. It's been quality time with me, and as a strategy became more involving with people that will help him put the strategy together. He would spend a lot of time with them understanding every nuance of what was going to happen on how it might happen on what his? His key areas of the race would be and in. It was a chess game in the. There were periods where you didn't make the strongest moves you were just putting yourself in the right place to make strong moves when when opportunity came so, and he understood all of that. So he which still done sometimes still get shocks. Yeah. You would still he would be the one asking me what the hell it happened. But it was a very thrilling par the racing in those those periods. I mean now, the strategy is almost autonomous, you know. It's. Because we haven't got the refueling and you haven't got the fuel weights taking the consideration. Then there's an undercut on some not, but you know, going being faster at the end of a stint with no fuel in all ties was quite feasible compared to being out there on high fuel with new tires, you know, that was the crucial thing. Whereas now, unless depending on the state of the ties it's pretty rare that you you'll be faster at the end of his stint. Depending on tide very Rabi faster at the end of his stint, and you will be at the beginning of the next one because you've got the same few way. So because the different scenario now talk to me about the what I call the juggernaut years when you guys were unstoppable. So two thousand three to two thousand and four. Did you guys ever this might seem an odd question? But did you ever feel guilty about the extent of your dominance? No. And I think because we paid the price for those particular three years. I mean, we don't have been in business quite long time and those three years of agony the last race. We didn't have any any issues about the and I think two thousand four was pretty dominant. But. They will generally if you look at the it wasn't like now where the top three teams laughing everyone else in so disappearing. We didn't do that. We will seem to have someone nibbling hails keeping his his honest as we needed to be. And we've we had some quite hot for championship some of those years. So it was a good. It was a well oiled machine. Roy was doing a fantastic job design their cars. And because the way we were told message soon as he got one done..

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