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Outside of play calling what Andy Reid and the spin cycle that he put this defense in using tyreek hill DeMarcus Robinson got in evolved Pringle, they used McKinnon out of the backfield, lined up Travis Kelce at quarterback in certain situations. Wait, no. That was disrespectful though. He started talking with tight end. But still. They catch involved. DJ wide didn't deserve. The play was phenomenal. And I saw the DB like, what the hell I'm supposed to do? Against that. First of all, you knew what was gonna happen. I didn't. That's why I mind hurt more. But the bottom line is this. We get into these conversations about these elite play callers. And I know everybody already understands that any readers at what he does, still do. But watching that game last night told me about a coach really, really identifying what we do to hurt people and sticking to it and needling it in. Because a lot of our conversations about Kansas City early this year was everybody know what y'all doing. You know, when I saw them week 18, the chief said, we really, from the coaching staff standpoint, we really looked ourselves in the mirror and we did a ton of that blame, which as a player you got to think, if I know that my coaching staff is looking at it that way. And then by the way, the results are there. They team it up better for me. That works out really well. All right, let's get to the other side of things as we continue to talk about the AFC in the divisional round the chiefs. Let's take on red heart red heart. I guess he has a red heart, I don't know. John Allen, he's been red hot coming off an absolute beatdown in the New England Patriots. Allen diced up that Bill Belichick defense for 5 touchdowns. It was unbelievable. He's truly unstoppable. 47 to 17 as the final score in this one, Dan, anything on the field that Josh Allen can't do right now 'cause I'm trying to figure that out. No, and that's kind of his mindset. I really think when Brian David, the offensive coordinator for the bills, uses him this way. He becomes indefensible. He's a three tool player I'll beat you with my arm, my mind in my legs. You want me to take the short, easy completion grape? You want me to have to scramble because there's nothing open. I can do that. The ability to throw any type of throat, man coverage, crossing routes, having the guys run away from defenders. Push the ball downfield to be aggressive with it. You see the pump fake and holding the safety and then taking that shot the designed runs that are utilized in this offense. He's almost like Shohei Ohtani for the angels in that movie. Nothing else can't do and when Brian Dave will kind of deploy him as a weapon, that's when this offense is at its best and everyone we've talked about it ever since that second half of buffalo, it seems like that's really what they've done. It really has helped their football team and to your point where I just don't think he goes into the field or into the game thinking there is not a play, not a throw only, but a single play that I can't make. So good 'cause I feel like you could play linebacker as well as. Big enough to me about the spill's offense in addition to Josh Allen playing God level football right now is the run game. Because this was often said much of the first part of the season, not only couldn't run, but wouldn't for a few years. So a lot of that is Josh Allen using his legs. He's been incredible, but it goes beyond him. This run game is now diverse, productive. I mean, you're seeing devastating here. Look, he gets a lot of light back boxes. A lot of gives on the RPOs go to him and he gets yards that way, but also it's Brian devil finding ways to use their personnel, whether it's the fullback, regime who we were talking about earlier on the Devin secretary counter on touchdowns. I think you mean, who was there were 41 for the Bill? He got the most snaps in this game than he has in two months. Yeah. It's Isaiah McKenzie, getting three end rounds for 9 yards of clip. I mean, suddenly it's not just Josh Allen. You have to defend every player on this football team, and that is a problem. Yeah, we were talking about coaching with the chiefs. I think Brian dabel has made a lot of improvements. We didn't like the way he was scheming up some games earlier in the year, and that's changed. All right, still to come, Joe burrow has proved to us he isn't just an athlete, he's Pablo Picasso on the field and this is Dan's intelligence. Bill Pablo, by the way, I didn't know that Dan knew who Pablo Picasso was, so taught me something new. Yeah, anyway, that's coming next. You're watching NFL live, presented by Windows 11 and Intel. I gotta get it keep in mind I'm a business I'm a show you this podcast is sponsored by better help online therapy. 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It's my first year in a new team in a new city, and I'm excited about the chance to go out there and play a home playoff game. It's gonna be a lot of fun. Plus, we're hitting the field for pregame interview with Cooper Cup and going one on one with calamari. I look forward to the next game and that's how these guys do too. So the next game's most important. Kick off your Monday night with countdown at 6 eastern followed by the Cardinals at Ramsay at 8 on ESPN and ABC. Just about an hour and a half away from countdown and time now from field report brought to you by Windows 11 and Intel for that. We welcome in Lisa salters. Lisa, what are you hearing about JJ watts potential return tonight after missing the last ten games? He's coming back, Laura. Listen to this. A torn labrum and rotator cuff. A separated shoulder and a dislocated bicep. That's how much JJ watt blew up his left shoulder back in week 7. There was so much damage done that doctors basically had to reattach everything and what wasn't expected to be back on a football field before the 6 months, but just ten weeks after having that shoulder surgically rebuilt what is set to play in the first Cardinals playoff game in 6 years tonight. He told us he doesn't have any shoulder soreness or pain, but he does have to wear so many protective braces that sometimes he said his left hand goes a little bit numb. That's how much that thing is short up. Cardinal's coach is told us there's no real snap count for wat tonight. It will kind of depend on how the game is going and how he feels. But he'll likely be used on passing down situations. So but no matter how much or how little he plays, watch remarkable return was fueled solely by what he said was the desire to win a Lombardi trophy. I was brought here to be a great leader and a great player, he said, and that's what motivated me most to get back. It really is just incredible. It's truly remarkable. I'm not sure how we even had a shoulder left after all that, Lisa. Everything you went through there. I mean, I certainly wouldn't have, but anyway, yeah, that's why I'm here and not there. Marcus says he has a new shoulder. So listen, maybe can report that later in.

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