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So ten cents a internet holding company in china it's got a variety of different businesses all of which are benefiting immensely from the rapid rise of the chinese consumer and the expanding middleclass there it's a really credible company ten cents got a lot of investments in many different areas i'd categorize the largest businesses or at least the businesses that are are large right now i think have a lot of potential going forward as video game publishing mobile advertising ecommerce global payments and music and video subscription so collectively these are great businesses most of them say very little kepler to grow some take more than others accord but on balance these are really high return on capital businesses and produce solid free cash flow and there are growing rapidly the company did about twenty eight billion in revenue last year and in about ten billion of free cash flow in the last twelve months and so it's highly profitable of course in the top and bottom line are growing at about forty two fifty percent annually at the current time so it's an interesting company with a lot of great businesses in attractive markets lots of growth potential the company has aspects of numerous companies that were familiar with the west all under one roof so scott aspects of facebook it's got aspects of what's sad youtube a pal apple music all rolled into one and on top of that is the world's largest video game publisher as well so law degree businesses the crown jewel of the company in my opinion is.

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