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Airport take over. I'm Mary Corsetti. Fox News. The Biden administration's withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan has been hit hard with criticism now. Congressman Mike McCaul is saying that the Taliban is blocking Americans on six planes from leaving Afghanistan while they make demands of the US no comment officially from the White House on that allegation from Congress. Men. McCall, However, what Congressman McCaul said, are six planes some or all may have Americans on them. And this is about 260 miles north of Kabul. Since we pulled out last week, American forces pulled out completely from Afghanistan. The intelligence stream has dried up somewhat, maybe not completely, but officials are not able to get the kind of information That they once were able to get for the past 20 years. Foxes David Sponte. Meanwhile, a Florida sheriff says a man wearing full body armor fatally shot four people, including a mother and a three month old baby and engaged in a massive gunfight with police and deputies before getting injured and surrendering. An 11 year old girl was shot seven times and survived. Police said Sunday that even after 33 year old Brian Riley was arrested. He was so aggressive he tried to wrestle a gun from the police officers also say Riley was a former Marine. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court Is reinstated. Former President Trump's remain in Mexico policy, which has led to a spike of runners at the border from that increase in runners coincides with the Supreme Court ordering the Biden administration. To enforce the Trump era role of returning asylum seekers to Mexico to await their cases being adjudicated, and it's not just happening here. It's right along the southern border. They're coming across the large groups again, some of them handing themselves over the border Patrol..

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