California, Governor Gavin Newsom, Sheriff Alex Villanueva discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


The Florida Panhandle landfall expected late Tuesday. Nearly Alabama Mississippi border. Western wildfires continue to burn this woman returning to her hometown and talent Oregon near the California border, which was devastated The worst thing I've ever seen in my life seen videos, but it's 1000 times worse than I could've ever in California President Trump, surveying some of the damage Monday and meeting with Governor Gavin Newsom together will Keep the people safe. I want to thank the governor for the job is done. We've had great coordination, Great relationship. I know we come from different sides of the planet, but we actually have a very good relationship. Good man. L a county Sheriff Alex Villanueva says celebrities and elected officials bear part of the blame for the ongoing unrest in the country. I've heard some things from elected. Lee is particularly the local level this just astonishing. And they're just fanning the flames. Porn gas, son of fire and they're not bringing people together. They're further dividing people. Sheriff Vienna wave on Fox's Hannity says two sheriff's deputies shot in Compton, California over the weekend are still in intensive care but recovering but there are no suspects yet. He's called on L. A Lakers star LeBron James, who has been critical of police in some cities to match the reward money that will lead police to the arrest of the assailant. America is listening to Fox News. Hey, everyone, starting a family. It could be exciting. It can be scary. It's something that I've started thinking about recently, but it could also be really challenging. But don't worry. I have a solution.

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