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Points us open cup action starve our sports complex at the kuala zach braff now scored on a penalty kick early in the secondhalf to break a one all the sounders beat portland to one the washington women's rowing team had some great honors yesterday to college rowing coaches association named four huskies first time i team all american members yalies bueki katie gillingham brooke pearson anc cotti pitzner all underclassmen from the state of washington earning all america honors in jaswant faruk named division one national coach of the year schwartz ted at forty path each hour home of the huskies traffic and weather on the way hikers got a troubled again yesterday in the cascade that had to be rescued this time of three hikers you've got stranded on a cliff at rattlesnake ledge couples couric senator reports on the deger springtime lord hikers onto our beautiful mountain trails v sheer heavy mountain snow is still lingering it's keeping search and rescue teams around the region busy we've had several almost every day this is over this weekend we've had several calls for service i've definitely seen people hiking up in two pretty were remote areas in tennis shoes you know cotton jeans tshirts and when that stuff gets up high it does not hold any insulating value out our snow lake hikers jamie and ashley admit lack of gear with their big mistake i mean they apparently as we we the fan it's really caught fire the girls made it two miles up the trail of snow forced them to turn over here it's not the best this is an line experts say plan have proper equipment alerted out the dangers associated with that country travel people are getting fall sense carrying eighty degrees out and they get hiking than they hit snow and they're not ready for snow that was the case for jamie and ashley we're now headed to franklin falls where the snow has already melts we can make it yeah in point you're gonna wanna make sure you check conditions and have proper equipment and clothing before you hit the trail at this trail hatem karakasevic coloney soberly time now is eleven thirteen looking ahead apart dedicated to seattle.

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