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By nineteen ninety nine the richest person in russia had become two hundred fifty thousand times richer than the poorest person and that disparity of wealth and a ten year period poisoned the psychology of the whole country and so people started to the moment i asked the question which was how much money is being stolen or what's being stolen people started spilling their guts to me and so this guy we took to lunch he started saying telling me all about one one episode of stealing and another another i was writing down in notebook and the next meeting was the same in the next meeting was the same i filled up to full notebook's worth of information about the stealing gas prom and it was really very remarkable information stuff shocking stories but i had no idea how much of what i was being told was was true and so i didn't really know what i could do with all this information and then one day we had this amazing lucky break i have this very smart guy named body my head research who works for me he was at a traffic light in moscow at a place called pushkin square which which which were the traffic basically grinds to a halt and at at pushkin square because the traffic grinds to a halt it's sort of becomes outdoor market for street urchin selling things to cars they're selling cigarettes and pirated dvds lighters and all sorts of under the interesting stuff and some kid knocks on his window and said he's rolled down his window and and this is what you have and the kid says i'm selling databases database is what do you mean he has a down parka he opens it up and it has these these disks in his down parka and and so he said well what's that that when he so that's the moscow registration chamber database and this was the database with all registered ownership of moscowbased companies it's something we've been looking for.

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