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So if you'd like to be a guest on the public, at least concept is onto this. If you are a famous person and we'll be famous elastic term DeAnne to Tom Cruise, you haven't. I know far off, I'm not far off dear, Tom Cruise, dear Thome, it'll Ston Tom Cruise. You share a name with a famous film stow. We should just have people here named other film conscious. That'd be amazing. That should be a lot of fun. Meantime, you have a question on this question comes from someone who's been on the podcast, although a podcast that disappeared in the either week we lost the podcast was a podcast recorded at stalwart celebration. The went out live at the time and I think some of got record it. Yes, that may be right. It wasn't me. I can tell you that. Well, that was that was there was an incident. The incident, the incident. Stay feet apartments. Okay. The the person in question is Brian Harron who of course is brilliant puppeteer behind BB eight and sometimes on top of BB eight. But never inside my STA. Yeah, he he's full poke. I thought they were just puffins have been seed, partly prion is Potman pop org. That's how he rose. See human. So he is on Twitter at Brian has a and he has asked us this question, has the podcast ever loved or hated a movie than watched it again years later and had a totally different response to it. I've warmed up a lot on some films and probably cooled off another's. So let me guess. Go ahead interstellar, and the entire JAMES BOND library. I was never worn those yet. No, that that's probably not unfair. Actually some films more less like actually, interstellar warmed me up on that slightly. Your were really didn't like? No, I still dislike it less because I went to talk that pull Franklin gave about the effect in interstellar made me appreciate it more, but I still think the story is trash. So. Franklin of you're listening to Liz, you halfway halfway halfway there. You mean the five-star must be isn't. The four star masterpiece. It is. Warmed up on before Christmas. Weirdly, I was maybe over hyped. I was a little bit let down by that. Interest for their penguins in that film. Well, you know, am famously penguin hater. Yeah, but no, there's a few films. The more watch them. I'm having trouble thinking of other examples now. So. That's the question since Monday and fairness, I don't prepare from Monday prepared. Chris, and I shed the the great Phantom Menace revelation there for Yes, them. which that when we crestfallen why I'm swinging back the other way. Having seen it on. I think this is crucial. Crucial to Liking liking. what don't see it just. Undoing with AI like I adored a is not going by saying, yes. There's nothing where you scared. If you go back the scales fall is I just got invited by the story geeks. You know. Go to in a captain America episode and they just asked me to do an event horizon episodes. And so I've said, yes. Terrified because honestly, I haven't seen if enter is in for a long time. You're gonna watch. We Don need is to say. The ship is fucked. No, yeah. The Phantom Menace one St. Christopher defended it for like ten years. And then we saw it in three day. And we've since however, once again decided the best of the pre. So we know consistent here at, I'm still think, sits the best. You have. Signing and you think it's terrible, it's bad. Yeah, that's ACA cleanses unwatchable shit is bad. Phantom Menace wall heavily flawed has moments of genius, so it gets a pass. It really does, and it has big limb. And that's just an automatic four stars, isn't it really? Is it Jenner patriotic duty, Helen. I mean, he is. He is the third grades living Northern Irishman after all. Let's say the number two is. Struggling to figure do. Number one is to tell you this. It's UT weatherman, Frank, Mitchell. Is it. Is it really. I'm telling you. Cultural exclusion thing. Will you talk about really Tarik northerner stuff? Yes. There are people who listen to this Northern Ireland. Bet you'll chases. Stomach. I'm having so hard. Come in here here. Tell you. And that's how you right MRs Brown's boys. Yeah. Podcast displayed her podcast. I feel like this is a hate crime against. I will bring to the question. I'm gonna confess something I have. Never. I don't think I've ever confessed to you before. I've even confessed in the office alone on the podcast..

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