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Again you don't think that degrom is going gonna continue like he's been so unlucky that i don't even consider the fact that he's going to consider this rate that's ridiculous that's such a low rate of wins per good start that well you're not gonna lose every out shots did a show with aj he's a mets fan didn't he give you the spiel he's like the grandma go twelve innings and still find a way not to get a win that's not realistic my point is if you have a good outing every time out you're not going to keep getting notices or loss it just can't happen that way it's very unlikely shelby miller that braves here it they're they're usually is one or two cole hamels had one with the phillies in the past month is hardly predicted to me except the good numbers i would absolutely trade for degrom i would i i don't know that i'd give up call to do it by the coal fastball velocity not down the only thing that's different that i've seen is the breaking pitches used off a little bit in the past three to four starts and i've said many times the breaking pitches are the homerun for him all right any other thoughts here as we head into another weekend first weekend of july getting late bunch of my leagues tristan like over really just like like labor nl over what's the lead right now in that at least ten and i don't even look any more every day how can you not look if only ten will because i'm not ten behind i'm like twenty but the problem is like there's been no movement in that league the entire season you gotta shake it up then there's no way to shake it up what again aylward's like two point five points separate i seven league looks like a medium wrong maybe somebody catches the guy but our office league doesn't that's the look over to you you're in your second you still have a shot at i think i can catch this is been tristan's been in this exact spot behind me the past two years in that league and he's won both times so it is not over by any that's why trista wins league although it's navy and i i you know i gotta be nice to him so we're done for the first week of july thank you so much for listening for a little show and continue to listen we will be back on monday the same gang probably so for the gang i'm eric have an awesome weekend darkness theme song for the.

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