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Chance for the Cubs here in the seventh to avoid their fourth straight loss, a lot of tight games Goldsmiths smothers it and the Cardinals will take the opener there now three and one since they resumed play, the Cubs will try to get a split in the doubleheader in Game two. Marquee Sports Network one in JD as the Cubs lose 3 to 1 to the Cardinals in seven, the second game of the doubleheader coming up The next 30 40 minutes is like a doll with you here on the baseball show on ESPN 1000 and ESPN Chicago APP. Tyson Miller on the mound tonight for the Chicago Cubs. Here's David Ross after Game one talking to the media call through good, You know, it's hard, hard, Teo to argue with his performance today. I mean, throwing the ball really well. The one hit was Homer did Teo two decks till they're in the in the seventh to the ball really well, has been throwing a ball Great force, so as expected. We talked the other day about Laura how he's handled the situation. Would you think of him today? Just the place you made in centre but almost came up with the one in the seventh? Yeah. Great defense, Al. I mean, you got you round the head Jordan. He's been In a true pro through all this, and you know a nice nice swing there at the end. Just nice play by by Goldie Goldschmidt At At first, the defense was spectacular play made on Miller, the first line drive. It's a most guys give up on that ball. Hey, attacked at hard that the dive and play there on the one that you know, we thought for sure from the dugout was fallen in and then just out of the reach there, you see what kind of effort you get out of him on a daily basis. This guy Literally well will crash into the wall for you, Brick wall. He's always flirting with that thing out there. So you know great defensive plays by him on this in Game one. Dossett offense is just kind of rights. When it comes to men it scoring that goal. It is in your eyes. Yeah, Yeah, I don't see much more. You know the efforts there. You know this first game? Those shadows. I'm sure played a little bit on both sides. Just tough to see it looks like from from our vantage point. Guys weren't complaining. That's just, you know, looking from the side. Guys are guys. We're having good at bats were getting guys on base. You know, just just need 11 of those two fall. Yeah, I think it's just, you know, going to one. There's a little bit of a bit of a rush right now. So it's David Ross on the marquee sports networks talking via Zoom with the reporters at Wrigley Field After the game, the Cubs lose Game 13 to 1. We'll take your calls here on ESPN 1000 3123323776 Your reaction to the Cubs first game in their second game coming up in just a little bit at Wrigley Field against the Cardinals. First time this season, Cubs and Cardinals, which it seems a little strange, obviously things they're all a little strange with this shorter season, the 60 game schedule Usually at this point when you get Cubs cardinals were looking at. This is one of the Marquis Siri's for the Cubs in the middle of the summer and kind of angling towards the playoffs. Like you, said Adam, based on the calendar, and based on the amount of games left to complete this short schedule, it does kind of feel as if the games are more important, not just because of the 60 game season. But because at this time of year games start to kind of get important when we kind of angled towards the playoffs, you got about six weeks left and, you know, Craig Counsell said it earlier last week before The game. The Siri's against the Cubs that they were in this position last year..

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