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Of it is actual ethanol alcohol, and some other items of recently launches well is we expanded our Shell House? Hard Seltzer line sensors are extremely popular right now. People love them because they're lower in carbs. Lowering calories than beer. Ours also happened to be gluten free because they're using. Sugar to create the alcohol instead of brains, and the two flavors that we've added are arise berry as well as the line. Those are just out. So. How come Seltzer is? What's happening to beer? People are gravitating to non beer is what we've seen in our stars, which has been interesting for me just to see the transition, but I do think it's people are looking for alternatives. They want the lower carbs. It's more of a lifestyle healthy choice I guess. Making my way to a better tomorrow at Trader Joe's. We have the category of beer that we've decided to put all these other things in because they don't really make sense in any other categories to rebrand that as adult beverages. There about one hundred twenty calories per twelve ounces, which is less than a regular beer, but more than a light air I, know people who have switched from a light beer to the heart. Seltzer beat just because it. It's a better drinking experience. Taste better, so we talked about a couple of things that are in stores now. What's coming the One? I'm most excited about. Is the cookie butter? Under the heading of. Heights. Be Damned like this would not pass that frightening. GERMANIC purity law and I'm kind of excited about that. Because this got a bunch of weird stuff in it and it also at that higher ab level at that sort of dessert cookie profile like I don't think this is something that you have while mowing the lawn. Mean maybe you do. I don't know as beer has evolved on their all these styles of beer, and all these craft breweries I you see people drinking beer differently it's it's not just hanging out watching football with a twelve pack watching Polo with cookie butter. Like I would have it as an after dinner, dessert beer, and you could pair with anything with butter on top of it might give it the Elvis treatment. I might have cookie butter with the slices and the and the cookie butter beer on the speculation cookies. And I guess the foil was treatment at the site of Bacon. This is a project that's been tears and the making trader Joe's is cookie butter headquarters, so we couldn't have an okay cookie. Butter Beer had a taste justice guidance. What's in the jar? So. How many iterations did it take I would say? This is probably version number eighteen nice originally started off as a porter base, but you really couldn't taste the cookie butter. At all are really pick up on the aromatics, so he switched over to an imperial Ale, and that was really the trick to making it work. It's nine point five percent a B. And it tastes just as good as what happened the jars. When is that in the fall in the winter? When when is that happening around September? We'll sticking on. The desert feared trend. We also have a copy. Peanut Butter Cup quarter on its way, so this will be in stores around. Halloween, so all the kids have candy. The adult can have candy while the kids are having candy I. Totally get it I was with you. Road soda for trick or treating? But they're using. Here's a peanut butter powder. Coffee peanut butter porter in chocolate and chocolate. Okay so that one a sort of around Halloween time? Okay? What else last fall? We had a hailing gourd. Pumpkin Ale as well as Gort Tree Pumpkin CIDER. Our customers loved them, so he wanted to do something similar for the winter. We're going to launch a ginger beard spiced stout as well as toasty cookie spice CIDER. They're using really warm winter spices, so cinnamon nutmeg, all spice and Clo- in the one thing that's really important to point out about the CIDER. Is it's. It's one hundred percent fermented apple juice. It's not from concentrate. It's definitely more expensive to us. About is ingredient, but it's a much better product. Are The howling Gordon, the Gordon Durie coming this year. Yes, we'll be in storage this fall late. September early October question, cans or bottles glass aluminum. It's definitely been a transition towards cans. Cans are lighter weight, so it's less expensive to shop, and so a lot of breweries have switched over to Kenny lines. It's also more efficient. Packaging process for them as well. Aluminum cans are because they block out light. And you know I mean Brown glass was introduced to you know early nineteen hundreds on a large scale basis to protect veer from light but. Have Been Dick Class Save for so long right sort of low end, but now they have more of a high end treatment going on. Why did that change happen? It was all of a sudden if I already gone to a bottle shop, everything was in bottles. I guess we have to call it. A can shop, but everything sends switched over to cans. There's different formats. There's twelve ounces now. There's one thousand nine point, two ounce cans or sixteen ounce cans. We should have one. We called the Tallboy, but now air all these other sizes, the big and tall shop for beers. I to shop there. When I was a kid, I still might have to actually, but then there's other barriers that you want to see in a bottle, a barrel aged beer. It's more higher end. And you WanNa see the Nice Little Cork at the top. Is there anything else that you want to get out there about beer and what you're doing and what's happening in beer world trader? JOE'S WE'RE NOT GONNA have every beer available to you but virus really hard to have a local selection. That's interesting. Actually think that the beer section in a given store is probably the most locally tailored part of the store I think we've covered most of the stuff that we wanted to ask you about. Say think there's someone you should really talk to who it stand. He's one of the world's foremost recognized experts and beer, and he makes fear for trader Joe's. He's one of our favorite partners work with. As Catherine just said to us we are. GonNa talk to somebody who knows a thing or two about beer? Well, my background is TAT has put me on the map and that is a German educated. Bring engineer so Dan. Are you currently working from home or are you working at the brewery? What's happening right now? Go back and forth, but right now I'm speaking here from my kitchen table. What prompted you to go to beer school and find a beer school in Germany? That's pretty neat. Story I loved that tangible and satisfaction elements that come with producing something and I love beer so I put the two together and I said working. I learned from the best of the best. Best and that was at the Technical University of Munich. You've been responsible for a lot of the most popular beers that we sell a trader Joe's. We were successful. Right out of the gain was a huge honor by the way to be selected by trader Joe's to develop this program starting with our classic styles, and then evolving into some really creative in different semantics, so just taking the hotspurs hard cider, we were approached originally, because the qualitative level of the heart side are being produced for trader Joe's didn't really reflect philosophy. I'd say strangers is to go as natural as possible all the time using the purest ingredients we did eliminate every ingredient except for fresh pressed apple juice. So. There's some technology we put into place. Enable us to go all natural, which none of.

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