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Our city alone in particular in new haven has been so bad in. The i mean i. I haven't even seen it in such a long time. I mean i worked in another large the largest urban city and between that large urban city and another one in connecticut. It was common but in connect- any and new haven all of a sudden. The crime has risen in. You're seeing a lot of domestic disputes. And even even smaller towns where spouses are having you know untimely death any everywhere so this pandemic is doing a multitude of things to us mentally and physically and we're going to have to figure out as a community on. How do we start proactively on working on ways that we can prevent and promote healthy wellbeing both for the mental the physical. Oh i like that a lot. I liked a lot. What you're linking a lot to The the violence in the cities we know that in particular that it divides not only in new haven. Gone up. waterbury that there's sex in water is really bad. Sakata goes bad. I talked to my man. Stacey You know minnesota is bad. You know that was obviously a minneapolis. Is bad particularly word. George floyd was killed is still off the chain. I mean some of it is is a result of george floyd protests but some of it is the result of espn congregated. And not having other things to do are we linking together. And we're looking at all these type of things in your in your discussions that you are you talking about okay. We need to address not only the medical side but the social aspects as well absolutely. He's always on the forefront right We have the capacity to do that. No we don't the reality is not but one of the things that challenge is that there's a lot of community partners leaders that can step up those that are responding to cold it right. There's a lot of entities. That sort of went on the wayside in our sort of thaw. Because they're like darna. This pandemic has taken over everything we now have to reassess creatively. How are we going to get back into really promoting health and preventing on the health in preventing violence in creative ways. I mean a lot of the violence that you see. They're using technology they're talking about they're gonna shoot each other up in a video and then they go meet themselves. Meet somewhere in our shooting. They you know. The violence is starting on social media a lot of it At the second component is that we're seeing is that people have not been accustomed to being in their homes to this length of time with their own being family right. So let's just be real right. The nightclubs cabin fever is real. I'm a fever is really taking it to the next level. And then here. I come the enforcer right and then upstarting stuff down people ready to kill me but i'm trying to protect your health but i get it is actually in our culture as black and brown and this is what we do. I mean in my culture we party. We create major parties out of a kid's birthday. That's just one okay. No i've had the break up before we one year old. Am come on everywhere. Whatever the fact that this pandemic has almost strip this from us right like strict did and then people are trying to cope and their coping. Mechanisms are not good right. I have a girlfriend who works in the their caseload has like beyond tripled since the pandemic and shutouts in my girl. That is that. Because i'll say her name also because because Some of the people aren't working as well mean. There were some jobs so much stress right. There's all these factors right. People are losing their jobs. They're not able to have any type of social outlet. They barely liked their baby. Daddy or husband When they got together or vice versa. And now there's these dynamics in the home you know. people are having relapse after. They've recovered a lot of in new drugs. To people who never took drugs are starting to take drugs. Iraq's and so we are going to see the negative long-term effects from a social perspective social determinants that have are never going to impact us is such a negative way that we are going to have to. We got to get through this pandemic so that we can start healing people but we shouldn't wait. We really need leaders to start getting creative on how we can still reach the people without exposing in risking ourselves from getting kkob it again so i end in sight. We talk about double asking now. Is that going to do anything to. I heard masks to twenty twenty two masking. Are we talking five years. I know the economy. is not supposed to rebound for another ten years in our reality before we get back to the place where we were some of our favorite restaurants to close all kind of stuff as closing down shutting down. What's the prognosis at least for getting the pandemic under control. What's what's what's that projection have a we. We don't have a projection. Okay we don't have a projection because there's a couple of areas that we have to look at right now for a fact that different models scientific models have indicated that we need to vaccinate sixty to seventy percent of the population right we. We had a particular administration a place that was hindering. The process for us moving a lot quicker being diplomats people all diplomatic. Just call it. What it is that the idiot peach while he's not gonna well. He's already impeached but he's not. He's not going to get convicted. He's not getting in trouble barriers. The air right that delayed and cost the loss of so many lives now. We have a new administration. That has ms in their hands. And they're going to have to figure in shutout to president biden up. He's listening to this. Podcast will maybe is looking about the year president biden. You have created a wonderful diverse Team of leaders that are going to address coded an equitable way and so and also holding him accountable on really making sure that things are being ethically done. And it's rolled out the right way and so we need access to more vaccines. We need to be able to get his herd immunity. And then we gotta get invest money into our laboratories so that they can figure out how to identify different variance to ensure that the vaccinations at that. We're injecting the community with including myself are going to provide us perfected protective factors to these other variants that now have been introduced to our country. So that's another part. That i wanted to ask you address them and i know you wanna be diplomatic as possible but many people are very skeptical. And i'm gonna go to kind of piggyback. I use claims. Here's even though she's not saying this i'm going to piggyback off. What she's saying very a lot of people are very skeptical about you. The money making aspect of this right so to modernise. Johnson is not making money where we week at twenty dollars per vaccine that we get. The vaccines are being paid by the federal government for free and there's no charge to.

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