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Live from NPR news in Washington, I'm Jeanine Herbst. A federal judges siding with CNN ordering the White House to restore CNN correspondent, Jim Mukasa does press credentials temporarily. Judge Timothy Kelly appointed to the court by President Trump says the administration didn't allow a cost due process. NPR's Nina totenberg has more. It's true that nobody has automatic access to the White House but having granted access and since he doesn't present a safety threat to the president. He's passed a secret service security check, he gets his press pass back frown anyway. NPR's Nina totenberg. The White House says it has complied with the order the judges called both sides back into court on Tuesday officials say at least sixty three people have been killed in the campfire in the northern part of the state be county. Officials say more than six hundred others are missing NPR's. Tom. Goldman reports thousands of school children have been displaced the deadliest fire in California history also has created chaos furnace donated five thousand to fifty seven hundred kids who've been displaced by the disaster. Many schools are destroyed in and around the fire ravaged town of paradise in Butte county, even the county's undamaged schools are closed because the fire continues to generate an unhealthy blanket of smoke county school superintendent, Tim Taylor acknowledges a lot of teachers parents and students are anxious to get back to school. But I don't wanna put any child in harm's way. Just because we want kids back with can't hurry that process. Taylor tells NPR he's. Planning to reopen county schools, Monday, December third tumbled NPR news, Chico California and in southern California. At least three people have been killed in the Wolseley fire. It appears Georgia Republican congressman Bob Woodall will hold onto his seventh congressional district seat. Georgia counties have certified election results from member station. W A B E in Atlanta. Tis mean Shamma has more specially tight race incumbent Republican rob Woodall leads democratic challenger. Caroline bardo with a little over four hundred votes during a meeting certifying election results in Gwinnett county, which covers part of the district. Elections chairman Stephen day says political bias was kept out.

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