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No. No, no opposition to Donald Trump or somebody does come, you know? Mitt Romney comes out and says, well, yeah, I'm gonna. Go against Mitt Romney will not get the endorsement of the Republican party and Republican party will not sponsor things like debates and stuff like that. So it's getting real interesting here on a whole bunch of different levels will pick up your calls. Your thoughts on all of this right after the break. It's seventeen minutes and change past the hour. This is the Tom Hartman program occupying the media three hours a day five days a week. We'll be right back. Just a heads up. Bernie Sanders will be with us at the top of the hour. And welcome back carry in palmetto, Florida. Hey, Gary, thanks for watching. What's up? All right people. Tell me all the time. Great. Thank you. But sometimes it gets lost me. Thank you. Gary. Really really good job. My question is can the government. Branches. Trump pardoning powers. No, no, he's involved in all this we go because Trump's pardoning powers, these this is the one kingly power that you know, after Ballack Zander Hamilton was arguing that the president should have a lifetime appointment, and that he should have basically the same powers as the monarchs of Europe. They said, no, no to that at the constitutional convention, but they did this side the one kingly power. The president would have it'd be the power of pardons, and and it's written into the constitution. So it's literally the highest law of the land. I and therefore congress can't pass a law saying the the president can't pardon people. It's conceivable, although it'd be subject to review by the supreme court that congress could narrow that power in some way. But I I doubt really that. That's a possibility. The the one solution. The one remedy is. If Trump does pardons. This could happen to Gerry Ford. This could happen to George Bush when Jerry Ford pardoned all the Nixon cronies and Nixon, and George Bush pardoned all the the Reagan cronies from Iran contra, they could have been impeached for those pardons, but congress chose not to do that that that's the only check on the president's powers for as I as far as I know gear. And. And all these guys are guilty. You get pardoned can be kicking back to court by the stage of the city or whatever the the pardons only cover federal crimes, so it and this is where Trump is vulnerable with regard and his family is vulnerable or at the garden of New York state. And it's so important that the attorney general in New York is going after them. So we'll see Gary thanks for the call. Good talking to you Morris in long, excuse me, in Long Beach. California listening KPFK Morris. What's up? I'm walking CNN is Martin. Right. And I'm watching these agents. Wait. This guy's house, right? Must be one the hill chapel lieutenants, right? No chapel Lieutenant it was Roger stone. And Roger stone is a longtime fan of President Trump. Right. So I'm looking at what kind of charges against this man, charged you being against a guy named Al Capone. Now, watch it all we gotta do is being Julian Assange will be here. And immunity to tell what the heck's going on. And that. I think it's. Dan. I mean, I although I don't know if if Julian Assange is willing to essentially flip I mean, I I it depends on how desperate Assange is. I mean, there is a secret indictment of him. So if he walks out of that embassy England will snatch him deport him to the United States, and we will charge them with crimes. Just an idea. Yeah. Well, it's a good idea. I. And I, you know, I think that the, you know, the the water is circling down the drain here. You know, it's it's it's getting the walls pick, your your terrible nineteen fifties literature cliche. It is. Would you say that racism has hit a wall? No, no. I think I think I think it's hit a point of public awareness. That.

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