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Welcome to live from here at the fitzgerald theater in Saint Paul Minnesota yes John Betsy you may know me as the musical director on the late show Stephen Cole bear now that the spotlight is all meet I want to tell you the story of how I got here in the Louisiana that's about as much of losses can usually get if you've ever been in New Orleans you've been the can get is what airport is but no one calls a day they call the New Orleans in a national on Louis Armstrong International anything to avoid saying can that's where it is and that's where I'm from I come from a big family musicians I've been planned in New Orleans and all the clubs and bars in hall since I was twelve too young to play in a and you know I'm I'm the youngest of like twenty cousins in my extended family family that Blake if you go out to hear music in New Orleans on any given night I bet you mom a lot of cool is somebody in the band has the last name Betsy's so when people ask me how I first learned music I always tell video games does god I'll steam from Street Fighter two we all know that with a little bit as such a complex composition really I I learned a lot from video game music you know when a song has great counterpoint melodies in rhythm you can do whatever you want to it is liberating you know you it doesn't matter if you played a diversion from the nine is like this all take it back to the nineteen forties for the seventeen forties so yeah I learned to find the value of music no matter where it came from I didn't know it at the time of my video game obsession with prepare me for the next phase of my life in classical music I got a late start couldn't read music like the other kids that install when I was two years old but the teacher she would play each piece before we got started so I had to work around learn it by here just the way that I learned a theme song for final fantasy seven the something else on the radio or TV and M. offers classical piano competition box invention number thirteen in a minor and pretended to look at the sheet music the whole time but I was playing it by ear and because I learn to use my yet such an early age.

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