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Moonstruck of course the sunny and share shell eight who um but i know that mask was a think she at us but will shoes and soak would uh and had a small part and so good before this but this was her first big starring role in um in everything that she's in she's too so good in mike real and authentic and um i like of always wanted more share in my life yeah and it limo movie life yeah um but you know shares going to do it share wants to deal we can't vaas this woman around oh no and apparently peter bogdankevich could neither because apparently they um those some friction because she was sort of new and she wanted her boyfriend deployed ghar uh who was val kilmer at the time so like ftc sam elliott obviously is garhi ethics surprises cut his name a like a yoyo because miravall camera look like an 85 yeah there's no way he could have pulled that part on now man gosh that ghar yeah i mean come on know that do you love that movie yeah i do this go yeah you know i like no no no i love it um and seeing it today at kinda brought back a wad of did hold up yeah i haven't seen it and a handful years it does hold up it um i think it avoids that like movie of the week thing that it easily could have been uh because bogdanovich was a director and like a really mike masterful director and the casting you know um like my mom is is been in love with sam elliott since she was from that generation of uh of moustachioed hawks move the '70s were kind of a right of her alley chileka tom selleck she loved tom selleck in burt reynolds cashier in fact smoking the band at films um.

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