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Governor Ralph Northam has denied being in medical school yearbook picture of two men one in black face when in KKK robes, but he says he does regret wearing black face on another occasion. Meanwhile, a woman accusing Justin Fairfax Northerns Lieutenant governor of sexually assaulting her. In two thousand four has retained a DC based law firm to represent her. Fairfax has vehemently denied the allegations calling them a smear to prevent him from ascending to the governorship should north them step down, which he showing no signs of doing and is w AMU's. Patrick Madden reports for northern Virginia. This is just the latest chapter in the state's complicated racial history. Governor Ralph north and delivered his inaugural address in Richmond last year. He pointed out over the crowd and a church on a hill, fifteen blocks from here Virginia's first elected governor helped launch the American revolution. And yet he said at the same time at the bottom of the hill. Virginia opened up one of the largest slave trading. Markets a place wherever Jin's would sell men, women and children for profit Virginia's history. North told the crowd was complex good and bad on one hand. It's the birthplace of American democracy home to several of the nation's founding fathers. It was also the capital of the confederacy and hub for the slave trade. Well, Virginia is really at the fault line between the old south and the the newer south Stephen Farnsworth, a political scientists at the university of. Washington says Virginia has long struggled with how to come to terms with its history. It wouldn't surprise me. If this situation with governor north leads to a kind of a greater reckoning of Virginia, and it's passed before getting engulfed by the yearbook photo scandal, north them like other politicians in Virginia has tried to navigate the state's complicated racial history. He was born in north Hampton county in graduated from desegregated high school in nineteen seventy seven he played on a predominantly black basketball team during his run for governor in two thousand seventeen the issue of preserving confederate statues was unexpectedly thrust front and center following the violence in Charlottesville..

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