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Sean have you seen cliff. Try to steal any of your place before or vice versa has no word you ran the cooper kupp play that we scored on a touchdown against the vikings. I saw you run that the next year. But i certainly have copied some place from him as well. All the best coaches are the best thieves. So man i think there's all just reincarnations of the different things how we change in the math plan. Eleven on eleven. But i've seen him and he's seen me copies of each other stuff. That's for sure you know. It's funny because the book cliff onto this podcast. We got on tech's chain. And i do a good morning football show and i'm up at five. Am eastern you. Guys are both west coast guys. I sent a text out. I guess overnight at some point and at five fifty five am eastern which is to fifty five. Am pacific cliff. You responded and then sean about five minutes later. You responded which got me thinking. What are your daily routines. How early are you both up. And that just the life of a your mind is always going and going even in the middle of may or early june cliff. Give us your morning routine and kind of how your day goes yeah. I think for me and sounder pride hit on this to be as heavily involved in the offenses we want to be You gotta find time somewhere on as the head coach. Come seven eight. Am there's a lot of stuff. Come on your plate whether those early hours in office and just get on the film and take your notes and get your thoughts together offense early. That's what i use that time for. So i usually get in a workout in use that time to get prepared offense. And then i moved onto the team More team centric type thoughts. And then then you're in staff and meeting with players and going from that. I was actually just getting back in from war with wednesday's just finishing my night up. I was just started clipping. I both about that. No it's I'll tell you what we are. Both i know for me personally. I might be up early. But i'm in bed early to you. Know it's just like he said is is starting early. Get that quiet time. And for whatever reason. I've always just kind of been a an early riser. That's when i'm kind of the most efficient. That's when i feel that. I have the most mental clarity and only gets you get a chance to know that you're gonna have a couple of hours of quiet time before you know all the the other things that are not football related usually come creeping across your desk and But i'm but. I'm in bed pretty early unless unless i'm shutting it down that later the that's that's i can tell you that It's we might be up early. But i'm in bed early. For sure sean. You mentioned the the best coaches the best thieves. You guys ran a two point conversion in the playoff game. That i wanna say. The miami dolphins ran something similar. And you could say well that actually came from this and this is what does that entail. You guys are watching. Both you can answer. Because you're offensive coaches like. Are you watching all different. Thirty one other teams offensive that end to know that play from another team that they ran while you guys were playing on a sunday i just think technology enables you to be able to access a lot of information in an efficient way. And you got coaches that you can kind of assign for you know to to certain things in projects especially in those different situations whether it's the third downs of the tight red zone and that's exactly right. I did steal that play for miami. You know in actually shane. Waldron had had shown that to me who Hopefully he doesn't use it on us when he's in seattle what to get his voice year now but no it's It's one of those deals that there's a lot of really good coaches are a lot of great ideas in you know. College ball is the same thing. I remember clifford. I connect and last year during quarantine. And there's there's so many different good things to see you know whether it was going back to when he was at texas tech. I'd watch some of their stuff and You know you see whether it's the oklahoma's alabama what would coach sarkissian and those guys did. Both you know they got special players. But you just talk about you know. From a schematic really putting pressure on people with the different final formations and vertical. Pass game in ways of creating explosives. It was it was really impressive. Stuff what do you got. Yeah i think. I mean everybody's doing great stuff and i think there's that fine line. You gotta walk sean. They run play the week that i wish we could run. But it's just not what we major in the timing that he does You know the alignments the split. It's just different different game than than we play. And so you have to kind of pick your spots and and make sure you don't overall your entire offense and get away from what you're really good at When you're kind of chasing that a bit but there's a week out there's some sure sean has. There's certain things. I make. Sure i watch the nfl teams. I make sure. I watch and you just try to get as many ideas as you can. They make sure it fits. What you do you mentioned. Your sean mentioned your player now. I remember watching you in college. It was you. It was byron. Hands barred You had fun texas tech team. You guys would put up a lot of points and you end up with the new england patriots as a player. And you're in that quarterbacks room who were the other quarterbacks who are the coaches i mean. I feel like that oath. Three patriots team. There's going to be a thirty for thirty on just the offensive and defensive percolating through their who are some of the names that you've got to learn from law your what the third or fourth string quarterback. Yeah i was. I was four So tom damon hewitt rohan davey myself. Charlie weis was the. oc josh. Mcdaniels was working on the defensive side of the control And they like you said. Brian daboll was tied him coach. I mean there was a ton and as roma would come out and the players was incredible when you look at you know defensively willing to guinness ted Watch ted johnson Richard seymour owner. Smith's tyler i mean that whole crew and so just to watch the professionalism the way those guys words the way they carry themselves I remember that year we went to into and then once fifteen straight and it was just a group of guys that kind of fused to lose and what was bella check. And what's he like to you now. Yeah he was. I mean sean knows him. He's a completely different animal. When you're in that building and when you're away from that building but the attention to detail is legendary. Obviously the preparation. I mean weekend we got. You're gonna know every situation that could possibly arise them at some point of the season it does. I'll tell you what's amazing and cliff. And i've talked about this and i was actually chris. Shula one of our coaches had just gotten married This past weekend just got back from there..

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