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He was better off in the way that he handled the puck and made his decision out there. I thought David camp was really strong on the third line with the Nissan Marfan. Kunitz niece Gemma was was fairly solid. So was it was Kuna to meet some nice little veteran. Plays out there. Little plays in our or the right plays that were right in front of either. Getting the puck out of the zone into the zone making sure that he was in position on the ice. He didn't see a lot of Martensson and in this game. Luke Johnson and Marcus Kruger. They kind of took some of the ice time away. From those guys is is the game moved forward and started to get the Patrick Kane. So I you know, I like the balance of what we saw front. I don't know Joel Quenneville we'll make a decision on whether John Hayden gets into the the equation on on Saturday. You would think that Saint Louis has a heavier team would be a perfect fit for John Hayden to get in the lineup. So I thought there were some really good things offensively in this game. It was defensively where they needed to shore up their play. Yeah. How about rookie play? You mentioned Cahoon. Look Johnson a little tough night on the Dodd even though he only played about eight and a half minutes or so, but Henry yoki how you would you see his performance Cam ward did bail them out there in the third period on one play. I think that if you look at his overall performance just over nineteen minutes that it was it was it was pretty good. He he makes real good decisions. You had three shots on goal. Only three hits in this in this game as well. I thought he'd defended one on one pretty good. I think the the reads between the partners back there. In certain situations in this game were tremendous. But at the same time they got away with it. And they can build on that. But for yoki, how're you? As first game is a nineteen year old. I I thought that he don't handle himself pretty good. All right. Let's wrap this up with our player with the most heart. It's sponsored by mercy hospital cardiovascular services, you looking at tonight. Well, I'm gonna go with Cam ward. And this one just for the fact that we were talking about that he responded after giving up three goals in the first period that have just you know, you're kind of thinking man thinks could get away from him. But I I thought that he responded really, well, he dug deep and he got the job done. He didn't give up anything after the first period. So I thought that you know, just the way that he was able to respond in the way that he. Kind of settled into his game really showed a lot of character. And what he's all about. So tonight's player with the most heart. His Cam ward the player with the most heart sponsored by mercy hospital, cardiovascular services, good call agree with you there. Safe travels will keep this short and sweet. And we'll talk to you Saturday night from Saint Louis. All right. Look forward to it. Chris good job..

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