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Even though judge dredd i'm sure at a bigger budget dread does such a better job of world built yeah because that world is dread yeah and and i think i don't necessarily think i think there's them shady decisions maiden judge dredd but i think the majority of watching it now in 2017 the reason we're like is it should show is because it was directed mike 95 or what raid i don't think that when you look at other movies that were coming around the time or when you look at even like more recent comic book movies like i would rather watch this than the first fantastic or move ninety four or rail them like seriously because of lee's this is entertaining hey did you just hadash electric he's yes because it's fucking bowl okay okay analysis is phase of malibagh allow general electric has a bad movie because it does a lot with mike oriental as on an like that like pigeonholing in asian actors that being said jennifer garner please be my wire lack i can't get on i can't get down with jennifer garner i mean i thank her dimples no her dimples look like if i like if she pulled back from me he would like a or cheekbones are like weapons that also her arms and nnambi like i mean yeah it's all fate felt like the one armed collapse like i played just think that bike she looked athletic like she looked like she could get lycra i there any one of a number of women that i would have rather seen a man i mean and not just those though like the spy tobey maguire and also well i really liked the first two tobey maguire i think the first two tobey maguire 'spiderman's are legitimately awesome movies but third one lateran of throws shade on that all fucking endeavour yonder hiring gough word i think he bows of odd knows all as an unresolved cat into getting gangnam what's his fuck is doc i man was when molina fucking he's fucking graveman.

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