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Big guys are we'll see where the underdog nova could be streaky as everyone knows when it's a guard play type of thing it can be streaky i have kansas winning the entire thing so you're a smart man as my only hope because everything else is the disasters i'm sure your brackets are similarity entire entire left side of my bracket is is dead and it has been since like the second second day games yeah you know all i can say is my family we're all rock chalk jayhawk fans die hard and we're just super excited we're thrilled they've made it this far and but villanova is gonna be a tough out they got to national player of the year finalists brunson brunson right isn't as yeah he's like one of those guys i don't know if you remember back in the day i'm forgetting his name he was on minnesota he played for sacramento for a long time bobby bobby know so bobby jackson think his name was i'm forgetting he was like fifty he looked like he was fifty when he was a freshman in college this brunson guy plays like old man skills here reminds me of frank whatever his name was from you of is wall frank williams hey dude who like in the throwback machine i'm a i'm a nineties hoops guy guests but like these dudes he he he plays ben's skills with makes you think there's a good chance that they can win because he plays smart but kansas has just loaded i think the new year's are loaded there's a lot of guys on k you that can step up in your need a couple of guys to really have a great game my biggest fears azabu key the big tall center out of it mentally yeah he just doesn't have the footwork to satisfy trouble not the air bowl free throws stones are not helping either but maliki dropping three small the court so you know so for it so we'll see what happens.

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