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Visit www dot share the road safely dot gov. For 24. Here's Marino with our Comeau traffic. We do that every 10 minutes on the forest troubles in Kirkland north bound for 05 A collision is taking up both toll lanes and it's getting very difficult up towards 116th is where We're seeing that collision and the backup now begins just north of 5 20 South found 405 In that same area. We have the carpool lane blocked. That's that left actual toll lane. Then I think that's Cruz trying to help out for that North bound collision. We also have on westbound Highway 18 at warehouse or there's a collision taking up the right lane South found 167 just south of the Count De Moines thrown a collision is in the left lane south down by five is solid from federal Way. 3/20 down to about 70. If just north of five south on I five through Tacoma really struggles past the Tacoma Dome. And top in Lakewood, south on I five from Highway 5 12 Down to Main Gate. Ajay, BLM local Tio Clinton and Edmunds. Kingston. Both of those ferry runs this weekend. Once again down, TTO one votes a plan ahead. This look a traffic brought to you by mattress firm save up to $300 on top rated brands. That mattress firm Plus take home a free adjustable base when you spend 6 99 or more, Don't wait. Hurry in today. Next couple traffic it for 30 for continuing to see clouds around the Puget Sound area the rest of the afternoon in tonight with some sun breaks this afternoon, but otherwise staying rather Grey Sunshine tomorrow, though, with highs in the seventies, and we're into the eighties on Sunday, downtown Seattle now is 66 degrees Comeau News time for 25. It's taken a while, but the Seattle Mariners are ready to begin. The Copen 19 delayed 2020 season tonight in Houston. Ryan Division covers the team.

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