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Once a week forty seven percent say every other week. That's you guys. Seven percent, do not clean the bathroom. Time in my life where he'd probably didn't wash very much in the beginning. But Bradley, you know, better. So you do better. It's true. That's nasty. Okay. Now, listen, either made people feel better. Okay. You probably should when we come back. We've got celebrities behaving badly and one of these celebrities is getting a rebate for the exact same thing. Everything. Entertainment. Hey, guys, Bradley here for my good friends at California closets. Californiaclosets lick release saved our home. Why? Well, look, you know, hold homes, especially in south, Minneapolis. There wasn't a lot of closet space old people didn't have closets. Why much they knew something? But things have changed changed and tastes change. The good news California closets is here to help. In fact, they were able to give us organizational systems in our home and five different spaces really increased the amount that we could store in those limited small awkwardly shaped spaces, so an extra bedroom closet. We were able to triple the amount of stuff. We I would honestly say we probably really of shoes coats were able to now get in that. 'cause it on believable. But only California closets was able to do it and do it professionally and do it. According to our taste in style. And do it in.

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