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We have a very special episode today as we have the honour of sitting down with legendary Labor leader and civil rights icon Dolores Huerta. We talk about how she organized farm workers in the sixties. How those lessons are applied today in the work that she's continuing to do now at the age of ninety spoiler alert. She's not backing down. Though she is not I'm Steve Pearson and Mariah Craven and this is how we went. Don't wait to be invited. She says step in and on a personal note Dolores was very gracious When I told her I had stolen or slogan Si Se Puede. Yes we cam knowing her. I'm pleased that she let me off easy. Because Dolores does not play poetic you know hearing Dolores where the talk is just such a bomb after the chaos of yet another terrible corona virus Rose Garden press conference this week right. I mean chaos is probably a nice way to put it. You know it was really hateful. Trump continues to show us who he is despite himself. Oh Yeah it had the Mondays Mondays. Presser all of the the trumpian hallmarks of misinformation racism. Sexism pouting the huge. It still didn't hold a candle. I don't think to What he was doing on twitter all weekend he tweeted almost tweeted or re tweeted almost two hundred times and I think someone figured that he was sending on average a tweet. Every lake. Fifteen minutes for the entire weekend dude was fired up. Well you know. I mean mother's days in inspiring time for many of us to get on twitter and and tweet stuff with righteous anger about a crime that he calls Obama Gate when asked to clarify what the crime was. He said it was Obama Gade. Yeah he said he said you know what it is. You all know what the climate says. No no tell you and what he also said in relation to that was it. You'll be seeing more in the coming weeks and and we will be seeing more in the coming weeks from from this. Their their playbook for November is a very very clear right. Now we're seeing it from the tweets about the election and see a twenty five when he's Degrading vote by mail and also denigrating having Polling places open so doesn't like to vote by mail also doesn't like people to be able to vote in person and just putting out blatant lies about that misinformation saying that the election is should be invalidated. These votes should be counted. It was really jarring to hear all that I think what the what the tweets showed us over the weekend. Aside from how deranged trump was is there? Glimpse into the future is that he's GonNa try to meddle in as many elections as possible especially if it seems like Democrats have strong pudding. And he's continuing to use the Department of Justice as a political tool and and bill bars going along with it by you know. Filing the motion to dismiss the charges against Flynn completely unclear why and thousands of former justice department employees have said. Wait a minute wait a minute. Wait a minute. This is not how this is supposed to work at all. But that's not GonNa Stop Them. Bar. Trump's personal fixer masquerading as the People's Attorney General. He manipulated the narrative of the Miller report. He intervened to block congressional oversight You know what we call checks and balances and now dismissed the case against Michael. Flynn this Obama Gate stuff that you were talking about this. We're going to see more of this is Going to be manipulated also by bar hand in hand with the power of the Justice Department to be able to weigh in. It's it's actually really scary and with the added compounding of the Russian interference amplifying. This just like they're already amplifying. These demonstrations infiltrating the demonstrators and these groups. You know it's It's a playbook that the Republicans have used used to last election Last presidential election and It's It's in full effect right now. So Yep so. We gotta stay vigilant Fingers are crossed that the dismissal that the DOJ is recommending for. Flynn doesn't make it all the way through. The courts actually happen speaking of the courts. When has been pretty cool? I don't know have you had a chance to listen in on the Supreme Court arguments. There teleworking right now so you can listen to them online and today. They're hearing arguments about the release of trump's personal tax returns that Congress had subpoenaed and at the administration has been blocking Pretty interesting to listen in. I think this is something that they should continue to do. Even after stay at home orders are lifted. I think the arguments and the questions are really interesting. And it's been kind of nerdy fun to see people. You know making predictions As how I think which way the justices are already people. I can't follow all of it. I'll be honest my casual legal background which comes mostly from watching law and order right. Didn't really quick for listening to these. But it's still interesting stuff. They should start every new case with coca comb or theme just to get people's attention now when sound effect that we did here last week when this was I live streamed was a toilet flushing right right so the questions has anyone cop to that. Do we know which one of the justice I don't even want to know too much detail but yeah as as we all get used to this new method of of interacting with each other. Let's just remember to step away to go to the restroom? Put your phone down before you go in or at least hit. Mute. I'm all for multitasking. Much more efficient. But I don't think people should be leave it in another Supreme Court you know circling back to the press conference is one thing that's been coming up. Repeatedly is the Ahmad Armory case down in Georgia. Which you know. The nation has been watching very closely in the last week only because there is now cell phone footage of what appears to be in a stalking attack and murder That happened in broad daylight on a public street a couple of months ago really horrifying footage and we've seen too many of these fortunately because of the power of social media the power of our activists groups. These guys who were walking around free not prosecuted. All there now been arrested. Justice has more of a chance of being served. We'll see how this all plays out but there was a threat. I don't know if you saw that was going around about all the things that You know white people can do that. Black people can't do basic things like going for jog. You know answering their cell phone Reading a book in the car all the all these things that Young Black Men and women have been shot and killed by police or by so-called vigilantes Doing and It's a powerful reminder but this whole episode and the unfolded very quickly was also powerful reminder of the power that we have as individuals and his activist to shine a light on on these things and actually forced the hand of justice. I mean that's a great point but I also think the other point is you know I. I know what you're talking about like I'm black. Of course I knew all of that stuff you know but what it comes down to is the general public needing to believe black people like I said. This shooting happened a couple of months ago and the only reason the only reason that there is any prosecution in this case is because there wasn't just video of the incident but the video was made public And I grew up in Georgia. I know the feeling of approaching people white people sitting in a pickup truck. I've never had anyone pull a gun on me but there is always a little bit of fear that in certain situations in certain communities that that you and I think that so often the black community as a whole is accused. You hear people talking about playing the race card things have changed and you know all the cliches about Oh we. We had a black president. How bad could things be or whatever but this has been going on for a very long time. It happens so much more regularly than we have video for and the ability of people to shoot a little video on their cell phone has been a huge game changer for us. It doesn't mean that things are happening more or less frequently. It's just that justice might be a little bit more likely to to happen because of it. I mean I always have a hard time talking about this stuff as a white male person of privilege. You mentioned Obama Presidency. I mean the big rap on myself and one of the reasons why I work so hard you know. Since trump has been elected I was one of those You know Super Liberal White Dudes. Who was so thrilled? That Obama was and we had our first black president and was had my blinders on a bit about the state of our country and was looking at the arc of history and the civil rights movement. And where we got to and now we have a black president. And Wow we're really heading towards More quality and you know what I didn't really take in was the full extent of what was still happening as you said not on camera you know not with cell phone footage in the stuff that was still going on and one thing that the trump presidency has really brought to light obviously is these white nationalist who have felt emboldened and have come out. And we've and and for many of us we've been able to see more overtly in ways that people of color have seen their whole lives. You know what still exists? You know beyond having our first African American president and it's it's stark in jarring and it shows how much work we have to do. And how vigilant we have to be when you have an administration and Republicans who are so willing to Push that cast that aside because they want to quote unquote make America great again and go back to a different time It makes our work so much more urgent. I absolutely agree with that but the only thing that I will say. Is You know since. We're talking about Georgia. I'll just add it acing. Something like eighty percent of people in Georgia who've been hospitalized with corona virus or black that's a vastly disproportionate part of the population. This is not only a in the last three and a half years. Things have gotten worse. This is a systemic issue And violence against black people is a systemic issue and these things. The disparities in healthcare and environment in violence have been going on for generations. And so yes. It's urgent that we take action because now we see that there are quite literally deadly consequences for all of these disparities but we need to take action in part because we are all to blame for this. This systemic problem. Yeah coronavirus is a perfect example of how people of color are disproportionately affected by my anything that The comes at us. And you know with our interview with Dolores Huerta. She talks a lot about that. And I mean when we talk about numbers of crony of virus cases and fatalities and everything are we including the asylum seekers and immigrants who are in cages on the border still today in those families and people who are not being allowed access and are in Mexico. I mean you know I don't know what those numbers are. But these are people who are undoubtably Getting sick and are being disproportionately affected by this. And don't have any resources to deal with it. We have a we have a lot of people. that we need to make sure don't get left behind in this pandemic and even further left behind in the pinned and the recovery that Shirley must come after it. Oh y'all I work to here. We do. I'm glad we had that discussion to it's it's you know discussions on racer so hard for fragile little white people like myself but it's You know I'm glad that you share that. It's a difficult conversation for you make. It is for a lot of people and And that's that's one of the first things we need to do is go ahead and have difficult conversations with each other you know and half. We have common goals. We want the same things we ought to be able to talk honestly with each other About so we can work together. You know effectively. So we'll keep having the conversation and encourage other people out there listening to you..

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