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James would have been more creative to run with a pitcher and and then save radius save race as a pinch hitter so you're not stuck with all of it coming down to tomas nido when right now certainly the mets catchers or generally black holes of hitters tomasz neto clearly showing just the is not major league it's not a major league bat or at least certainly what we've seen so far which is also why the mets have to get out there at some point and make your trade i think you make a trade for somebody like as i said before a wilson ramos where you're talking about somebody with the tampa bay rays where the salary is so high the if you're the mets you hope they wanna dump the salaries so badly that they're not going to be looking for high end prospects in return the mets don't have enough and and i don't think you can believe enough in this team that you'd wanna be partying with good prospects really good prospects if you're the mets but certainly where it involves salary behave like a big market team go go by wilson ramos or somebody like that to upgrade to catching position because right now the bottom third of the lineup for the mets the bottom it's not even the third there's like four spots in there that are the bermuda triangle right now i mean just everything going in there to die to disappear nothing happens in the bottom that mets lineup and they need to improve that so all right ed from manhattan i see you on hold but coming up after the break speaking of all these mets issues mike puma is going to join me from the nearest post covers the mets we'll see what mike thinks about the bottom half of the mets lineup and how to fix it time for an update with see and laurie those youngins continue to lead the way for the yankees during this impressive streak that they're currently enjoying twenty five year old dominion her montag six no hit innings in his first bigleague start today struck out nine and was only lifted because he hadn't thrown more than sixty one pitches in a game all season he threw eighty four them today and after the fell behind four nothing in.

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