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Be four covid and what it looks like. Now it's a great question given the challenging times that the country is going through with cove in nineteen. our business has always been very strong Throughout i wouldn't say it's recession proof but it certainly recession resistant. Because when times are very good in the economy people tend to spend money on their homes. Their homes appreciate in value. They feel more comfortable making improvements and investments in their homes and when times are not as good. They tend to stay in their home. They don't sell and as much they stay in their job et cetera. So we tend to do very well and both types of an economy. Covert of course initially had a very negative impact on our business as in many states. We were shutdown. We weren't allowed to operate. our showrooms but Coming out of those lockdowns business has exploded. And then if you're familiar with what's going on in the housing industry in general you're you're hearing the same thing we're experiencing. Our sales are dramatically increased thirty forty fifty percent month over month a year ago. So we're going to explode growth period right now. That's great to hear. I always kind of been saying start living in bipolar environment. Either thriving or dying and Driving it's where you want to be like Your management team Is you know is very deep experienced. And obviously we've got out of on the line with us as well And i know. Adam just join your company in september Twenty twenty. But i know he's brings on tremendous amount of franchise. Mr experienced your team. Adam just for our listeners. it's already saying that you started as vp franchise development for primo hoagies and it's a similar positions with dunkin brands Also remixed national quiz. Knows and i. You also involved with international franchise association and has a certified fresh executive Certification they and as well as being a member of the international council of shopping centers so begin commercial real estate side of things It's already defended work. Closely with franchise owners on real estate eve. Business gross strategies benchmarking performance and. I know you're fairly new team. But talk to us a little bit about that because whenever you have a storefront there are a lot more moving parts right real estate. I mean that's a big site selection. Could you give us some insight favor. Yeah absolutely thank you for the introduction to the bio As i haven't been in the industry for for quite some time since two thousand two. And all of that's been on the the franchise kelvinside Mostly though in the restaurant industry where as you know restaurant branch housing Location location location rights is very heavily involved in the real estate selection and we'll strategy side. But i think that experience There's very well for this industry as well. I typically returning back to look all those same about how. The industry is being and home improvements. Right now i think it's a fantastic time to leverage some of the real estate Going on right now. I'm in terms of the folks that maybe are making it work Quite as well as improve industry She's mean those pieces of real estate. And how our franchisees move to. Maybe better showrooms And they've been smalls work a little bit. Though that's great and location location. Location interesting i frequently. We'll we'll share with You'll candidates that. I'm working with that. Yes there is often the performance gap within a franchise system and not over. I've often it comes down to one of two things..

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