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Now the cities that there's a primary election, August 3rd 2021, the polls in Michigan, open at 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. okay. Now here are the cities that I am aware of. This is the area I live in, okay? They're going to use, I don't know what cities are in different parts of Michigan. But in this part of Michigan, okay, Taylor Michigan Highland Park, Michigan, Westland, Michigan Dearborn, Michigan Dearborn, Heights, Michigan, Riverview Michigan, Grosse Pointe, Farms Michigan, Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan Detroit, Michigan and Hamtramck, Michigan. See, I'm close to Detroit in that area of Michigan. Okay, so I want you guys who are hearing dead Sound of my voice in this area to remember that. You have a primary election, you are getting ready to choose the people you want to run for mayor. You want to run for city council. Okay? Make sure you know who you're voting for go in there. Look at their names. Go to their Facebook page. See who they are. Read the information that that they're sending you age. You will have a ballot. If you have an absentee ballot, make sure you sign that ballot. Make sure you send it in before you start marking people. Take their name one step at a time and look up Google your candidates. OK, Google your cannons. Okay I want you to remember that the League of Women Voters who who are being forbidden to help voters with information in different parts of the state in the state of Michigan. Okay. That has not taken place. Yep. Okay, go to vote411. They have a list of Voters and what they stand for. Go ahead and take a look at that. Make your choice, make an informed Choice. Okay. When you walk, we must fight voter suppression by voting. I've already sent in my absentee ballots, thank God, I'm able to have one, thank God, that, that voters, the person isn't at every single step. Okay, we need to fight it. We need for the people act. Okay, there's nothing wrong. I'm non-partisan. I'm not telling you who to vote for, but what I am telling you is to vote, get out there and vote, okay fight voter suppression by voting, that's the power you have and listen wherever you are if they're making it difficult to vote if they're making it difficult to register, keep going back and back and back across the bridge people. Cross the bridge. Okay, I don't care how many hoses they use on you. How many dogs they sick on you? Okay, keep going back. Go back and back and back to the counter. They might never serve you, but you're going to make it better for somebody else. Do you understand? Keep going back. Don't give up must fight. Voter suppression. How do we do that? We fight it by voting. We fight voter suppression Americans by voting. Okay, that's our power voting. This is my name is. Donna Miller. This is both boys podcast. You can see I'm passionate about a right to vote em to keep you informed. I want to thank daily cost for, you know, send it out this information to all of us, look, sign up for Daily Kos, has email, support daily cost support everyone. You can that's fighting voter suppression. I want to thank everyone for supporting vote Voice. Please continue to support us. We need your help. I thank you very much. You have a wonderful day. This is. Donna. Miller would vote voiced. Follow us on Twitter. Instagram, Facebook. Okay we're at LinkedIn. We're at our our website is w. W w. We're going to update that soon and I just think everybody you have a wonderful day. God bless you. And remember to vote in fact. Every election and make boating your lifestyle..

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