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When you share a kid together, your co parented I know breaking up is never good. You don't break up because because of good things you break up because he didn't work but he doesn't have to be nasty forever I understand is goodness knows family members who who still? Access. But I think this is a much nicer way if you can be, it's nice to work it all out your. Day and now I noticed the days Barbara Walters. Shepherd just did a new interview people magazine and she said Barbara Walters made her cry every day when she was on the view of between two thousand and seven and two, thousand fourteen. That's a long time. Barbara was very hard on me. I. Cried for three years in my dressing room because she was so hard on me but she did it Outta Love No. Not Make It. Somebody cry for three years. Is Knox love it's not lowlying Barbara Walters Toltar- Sherry I love you. I just wish you wear to bouquet bridge. Read a book day and longer to defend what you believe speak up Sherri said it was the most painful experience ever gone through but the best experienced Sherry, it is not the best experience you deserve better. You know I worked for Barbara Walters to really. I used to love going ABC and Saint. Barbara? She's a legend. But as we've learned in the show, she's tricky. Okay, it's time for a moment of rub you gotta Rub. Twenty minutes. We try to make giggle but we have a Little. Bit more serious. What makes you you It seems like a really easy question to answer. You can only really answer it if you really know yourself to not the rest of the world and find him unbreakable connection with the most important person in that world you Anna in the king and I sang getting to know you I love that song she's on get to the children of the king of Siam I. Want you to sing it to yourself every day and get to know you get to know the person inside you and live will be much better how well you know you Corey Very. Well now, and it took me all this time to get there. But now that I know I, am my best captain of my own ship I. Love that took me a long time to to not to forget get to know myself I didn't even like myself for long time and so I you. So I, interviewed you I know that Yes yes I. Know. I. Did my interview with you and I remember you talked about that with me. I'm honest about it. I think the okay through where we just was there was a point where I knew more about the questions that I knew about shooter I really needed I knew more I knew what they look like I could pick Kim's bottom out of a photo lineup. Own. More time can her face Mayan? Every morning I'M GONNA clean my teeth I look in the mirror and I said I know you and your hands. Like. I've convinced myself that good enough. That's that's fine. Okay. WE'RE GONNA get in trouble for this week. Thank you so much for listening to the Naughty but nice with rupture production of IHEART radio. Don't forget to.

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