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Airport as the stalemate continues over funding. The government federal workers in Texas are taking to the streets. This is Jim Ryan in Texas, Dr Pamela Dinkins is in aerospace, technologist and life. Science researcher. At NASA Johnson Space had at least that's her job title when the agency is funded. But now. Even if it's not financially impactful is emotionally and psychologically impactful because we are effectively laid off. She had other NASA employees have picked up hand lettered signs and staged a demonstration in front of the space center, urging support for a negotiated end to Washington's budget deadlock. Jim Ryan ABC news. Elon Musk says his company space x is pulling out of a planet had to build spacecraft in southern California SpaceX is abruptly canceling the lease it had with the port of Los Angeles for an eighteen acre site at terminal island located between Long Beach and San Pedro which would have been used to build a rocket for manned flights to Mars, no word on why they're backing out of that lease. But this comes one week after the company announced it would be cutting ten percent of its workforce. Six thirty eight thirty seven degrees in Boston time now for a check of business news with Bloomberg's Tracy jonky all that worried last year that fed rate hikes and trade wars would bring an end to good times at banks may have been for nothing. The biggest banks are either reporting record profits for two thousand eighteen or their biggest profits since the financial crisis, Goldman Sachs and Bank of America, led the way the Dow climbed one hundred forty one points. The NASDAQ was up eleven the s&p up six points. We lost stronger gains. The Wall Street Journal said the US is investigating Chinese phone maker hallway the charge stealing trade secrets could further fuel U S China trade tensions. I'm Tracy jonky. Bloomberg business on WBZ. Boston's NewsRadio another member of the Massachusetts congressional delegation. Maybe joining the twenty twenty race for president that story just.

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