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A group of men donned bed sheets for a rom has over the years attracted to it persons charged with acts of harassment intimidation and violence throughout the south even though the nation has been outrage for many years the Ku Klux Klan persists with its bizarre ritual and trappings but a hundred years is a long time for a joke I thought if you look for court author of the book to close culture the more storable background on the KKK the Ku Klux Klan effectively operates as a white supremacist terrorist organization founded on after the civil war during what we commonly referred to as the reconstruction period is founded in Pulaski Tennessee but it's not super popular to start with it Laurie is fairly fallow through the first World War if you're looking at the reconstruction plan they stand for white supremacy and the maintenance all white power if you look in the civil rights era they largely a standing for the same thing if you look at the twins is they achieve this much much larger success in the twin two is because they effectively diverse syfy the hatreds they say Hey you know if you hate African Americans we all that for you but also if you hate Catholics we all that for you if you hate Jewish immigrants we are there if you hate immigrants of all kinds we all that for you if you're worried about prohibition with that for you by the time we get to the clan all the late seventies early eighties the Klan is all in on immigration and all staging stone on the Mexican border there is this kind of this fundamental racist tenant and then these variations over time as to what draws people to the clan of more people see the clans standing call to some extent the clan of the ages six the model for what we see with white supremacists now take you through what David Duke to us David Duke really comes out in the late seventies and trying to we make the public image of the clan to some extent Victor Lee when he tries to do with bureaucratized hate gets a methodology that was seeing be used to great effect by the old right now and David Duke is really cute but using the media to get this message out saying that there is a new clan whatever that may mean and in doing so effectively spear heads the clan revival in the late seventies early eighties and this doesn't exist in a vacuum there is a big up sweep in white supremacism in the late seventies early eighties in the United States and so you do see a run very active and very visible white supremacist movement on the March by the early ages I will say that certainly that is a period when we are seeing a rising planet in Klan activity end of the period in which we are seeing an uptick in white supremacist activity more generally clan members are white supremacists not all white supremacists our clan members and so we we always seen significant white supremacist activity the fundamentally is not linked to the Klan is an organization most all of the anti civil rights violent is being carried out not by clan members but by average white supremacists if at the time we can use and to some extent that's what we see today the Klan as an organization is weak it is diffuse still there is no single clam they're all these individual organizations can battling for the title of who is the legitimate clam but they are part of a much broader tapestry of white supremacism that we can feel freighter very clearly I think what's the purpose is to always be an ordinary people that doesn't mean that we should normalize them it means that we should look at also holds and say what is it that is giving cover to these people to exist within our society and to exist very comfortably within that society because they all dapple read that word that kept getting tank to Richard Spencer doesn't mean that they are not still subscribers to a hateful ideology all racism and white supremacism the fact that the Klan is on the rise in the late seventies early ages the fact that racial violence is on the rise extent the congressional hearings are being held in two.

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