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And of course there's a trickle effect to that. The main card over on f s one that's ten thirty PM eastern star time for those fights. And of course joining us. Now on the hotline is Paul Felder Paul where you tracking all that. Attracted all I listen to all that. All right. Paul. It's got to be mentioned. All right. I'm sure you saw yesterday's press conference. Could every card benefit from something like that. I mean, I, it's got me so pumped up for the fights in Las Vegas that for for just a moment just to be, I forgot there. There were fights, but of course I'm a hardcore junkie. I know it all and there's gonna be some great fights tomorrow, but could could you have put up with something like that? You know, you know, last week in Russia and this week in Brazil. What do you think man or does it does? It mean need to remain special with just select individuals that can pull it off. I do think it has to be for certain fights because I just don't think it's going to get the attention and the buzz unless it's a big time. Like, you know, I think it's got to be a special occasion and I think it was kind of genius of the UFC kind of waited. They kinda held off. You didn't get much. You didn't really hear much about the McGregor ABI fight until Bowman out of nowhere. They've got this press conference media only got this buzz going on about it, and I think it really did job. And now everybody is talking about that fight again. I mean, we were all waiting for that by regardless, but they played it. They like slow played it. And I kinda liked that they switch things whereas McGregor had world tours without and all that kind of stuff. And now suddenly it was like nothing, nothing. Nothing. One night. Two guys, onstage all contrast. I thought it was kind of brilliant. The morale had to sought. Those Santus gives me fights, Eric Anders in the main event. I wanted to ask you obviously Santos's at an advantage because he had a full fight camp, but how dangerous is a fighter, who's taking a fight on six to seven day notice. It's like they're playing with house money in a in a way as you know what I mean. So does that make them even more dangerous in a way. Yeah, I think. I think it depends on how they approach it. You know. Sometimes they'll come out and be supergrasses 'cause they know they potentially only have one good round before they start slowing down. So they might come out and just, you know, steamroll their opponent, go right at them and I, but I don't know if that's necessarily Erica enders style, but he's super it. He's always in the gym. I know that kinda guy he's always shaved, didn't have to cut wait to make two five. Any might have a little bit, but you know what I mean in terms of cutting down to two one eighty five. This is probably a breeze form. So yeah, I think he's always dangerous and I think he's doing it because he loves fighting him and wants to get the attention and and get the buzz and get in there. So I think it's a smart move on his part stepping in like this for the US only going to who status with the company, I think. Yeah. And for six to eight to ten weeks, he didn't have to obsess over it. He didn't have the over the way cut. It's not his weight class. So if he goes, oh, and one, no big deal. Deal, but imagine if he goes one to know and he's got another hand to play. So I, I'm really liking this decision by Erik Anders actually. I like it. Man. I liked that guy. I called, I think, two or three of his fights already. This'll be my third or fourth fight on Eric Anderson. He's somebody I'm very familiar with someone he stepped in. It was like, all nice. I, you know, no, no research necessary. I just called his last night. I called the one before that and it main event Leona Machida I called a spite when he called out owed him and see that after his win..

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