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Here on Sports Radio 92 90 game. I'm Amy Lawrence, with CBS boards minutes late in the Dolphin shutout against the Jets, a new reason for fans to make noise. Even Miami sideline went crazy when to a tango below. It trotted onto the field to make his NFL debut roughly 11 months after a scary had been Gery threatened his career. To a completed his first two passes as the crowd in South border chanting his name, and when the stadium emptied out, the fans were gone to a snuck back out to the field to sit in his uniform at the 15 yard line and face time with his parents. After that call, he described it as emotional because of everything his family is going through from the point at which he got hurt the physical pain. The process of rehab and recovery, not to mention the inevitable doubts about whether he'd get backto 100%. The journey isn't over. There's still work to do for the moment to encourage him and lift him up. My many Lawrence. Ladies and gentlemen, today's opponent on Man versus train at the Crossing. We have Rick £175 frustrated man who's running late forward on the tracks. We have bowled a million pound freak train that takes a mile to stop. Let's see who comes out on top. You can't be the train, so don't try Stop trains can't paid for by Nitze. Oh, my stomach. Don't worry, I've got you covered. When you have nausea, Heartburn. Indigestion sits higher. What's that? It's Pepto Bismol. Choose Pepto.

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