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Lot of rumors of tension in the locker room with golden state that's coming out from a players of theirs referring to this tension and you know it's not tension between zsa zsa pachulia javale mcgee mad if they're talking about it it's probably something to do with katie and steph so i wonder if katie lebron they're good friends i wonder if they're willing to link up with the clippers baby or the lakers with seven ninety million and money to spend that will be interesting to watch it's always a free agent frenzy from from from the end of the finals until until free agency period opens that kind of thing will be will be will watch developments there are a lot of injuries in baseball guys big problems here well yesterday now i was with a lot of baseball people at the annual yoki barry charity golf tournament new jersey and that's all we're talking about you know joe torry was there is now a top executives major league baseball the former yankee manager all famer and they're all trying to figure out how these guys are getting hurt like the yankees have lost one of their best players pitcher masahiro tanaka for weeks they don't know how long and he got hurt his hamstring's running from third to home he had a bat in that game against the mets nearly game you've got cesspit as a twenty five million dollars a year player for the mets never was hurt when he was in cuba now he can't run around the vase about pulling his quad muscle he's been out over a month they don't know when they're going to get him back otani now has a serious injury problem with his arm the great young player for the los angeles angels one guy told me something very interesting though mad stan bonds in a number of years ago as the american league rookie of the year pitcher for the yankees i said what's wrong why are these guys getting hurt he says i don't run because they might get on a bike in an air conditioned room for twenty minutes and actress you said we were required to run every single day we ran strengthen the.

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