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Top stories were following for you at this hour, Montgomery county police investigating yet another anti semitic vandalism case in Bethesda this morning, and its wreaths across America day about 80,000 volunteers are Arlington national cemetery for the annual event, and with a Trump era policy coming to an end. There are concerns about what's happening at the southern border. Stay with us at WTO for more on these stories in just minutes. Traffic and weather on the 8th and when it breaks, back to rob starburst in the traffic center. Out of loop through Silver Spring between university boulevard and colesville road, the right lane is blocked for a crash that involved a pedestrian if you can believe that, traveling otherwise on the beltway in Montgomery county expect delays off and on as you head toward two 70, no problems reported on two 70 itself, northbound on the spur, as you head toward, of course, the merge from the main into the express lanes, that's where we had some debris along the left side of the roadways to watch out for that. I 95 out in Laurel after two 16, Carl updates the crash before one 98 blocking the left lane with response on scene, northbound 29 between Johns Hopkins wrote in 32, the work starting to be picked up from the side of the roadway, left lane was getting by. Now we may have all lanes open northbound on 29 between Johns Hopkins road and route 32 west battle and 50 in Springdale near 7 O four Martin Luther King Jr. highway. We had the report of some brush fire activity, otherwise traveling eastbound on 50, had it toward the beltway. That's where we had the report of a crash traveling on the beltway in Virginia on the inner loop, you slowdowns in between ties and maclean and across the American legion bridge, northbound George Washington Parkway toward turkey run may still have a single lane getting it through the work there, then northbound passed about run, headed toward the scenic overlooks may have a single lane getting you through the work zone. If you want I 95 southbound you want the brakes as you leave lord and headed across the academy and down one 23 may have a new crash north bend on I 95 after the Prince William Parkway as you head toward one 23, but uncertain of that, north Penn I three 95 beyond etzel road crash cleared to the right shoulder with the travelings open, but then delays northbound on I three 95 up to and across the 14th street bridge. This holiday season give everyone on the list Marilyn lottery holiday scratch off instant prizes up to $100,000 and weekly second chance cast drawings. Please play responsibly. I'm rob stallworth, WTO traffic. Let's take a look at your weekend weather forecast, there's storm team four meteorologist Ryan Miller. Augusti wind continues to blow out of the north and west anywhere between 20 and 30 mph, a mixture of sun and clouds for your Saturday afternoon, and air temperatures today are in the middle 40s. Tomorrow, we're near 40° with gusty winds continuing wind chills tomorrow. We're going to be into the 20s and teens at times and a dry day with sunshine expected. Dry on Monday, air temperatures in the lower 40s. And in fact, that continues with 40s and sunshine Tuesday and Wednesday. I'm storm team four meteorologist Ryan Miller, 50° in hyattsville, 45 in Fredericksburg, 50 out in foggy bottom and 43. Studios, its own brought to you by dulles glass for all your glass mirror and shower door needs

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