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Point where you bring up the fact that he may have been hypnotized mind control tell us tell us that that story of that progression so sirhan sirhan is captured at the scene with a with a gun and he's taken to the lapd rampart division and he's questioned and he doesn't say a lot and actually the first thing that starts to emerge is a political motive before any talk of of hypno programming he claims not to remember the crime he claims not to understand why he he committed the crime and gradually over the course of and we did a whole episode with these therapy sessions between the court the the psychiatrists on on the for the prosecution and the defense spent days with sirhan trying to to get him to remember and trying to understand why he had done this and and what starts to emerge is he's kind of grasping for an explanation and sir hans everybody is but yes even sir han is and he i you know i think he makes a decision to doesn't he is terrified that people are gonna think he's mentally ill and he comes to this conclusion that was certainly you see the seeds of that he's a was a political assassin and this was politically motivated because of some claims that bobby some because of some of the statements that senator kennedy made about sending jets to israel and surrounds hun was born in jerusalem so health since palestinian palestinian yes so but he when you get to the point where you start to to unveil that there's this kind of mind manipulation thing going on there's there points where i can see both sides of it where you're like okay well this makes sense you know the cia was doing all sorts of crazy shit back then you know they were giving drugs to i mean there's so many stories right you know in the vietnam war where they're giving like lsd to soldiers to see if they fight better there's like doing these time machine things but you don't know what's real and what's not and do you kind of get the sense as your as you're researching this that this could be real we're doing a whole we're doing a whole episode on mind control and you're going to hear from some some people that examined sirhan and you're gonna hear their take on their take on that it certainly far fetched yeah i mean i think that what you have to continue to do in these things and why the podcast platform so great for this and i think this is why we we've been doing more podcasts and television and lately is you gotta slow the story down to a crawl and allow the audience to experience it in the chronology of what happened rather than retrospectively looking back with all context involved and everybody's opinion involved so if you listen to the sarhan episode where they're hypnotizing them you see the evolution of thought from a guy who's denying he so he he's done has any memory of this thing to a political assassin who's doing it for the you know the people have been persecuted by israel the palestinians in particular now is that change in sear han the function of doctors poking around in his brain using hypnotism and his sort of historical experiences you know he was watched his brother die and jerusalem he was he was there during the six day war it was very violent and he was just a child or is or is it something else is it that that was something that was identified by people could manipulate him and hypnotize him to kill kennedy you know you know it could have been that but it seems like you have to make decision for yourself by sort of bathing in the material one of the things i found really fascinating was the the senator who the former congressman low lowenthal right loans tom lowenstein sorry lou who was who knew kennedy was actually waiting for him to call him the moment he was shot who was not in any way a conspiracy theorist who's a traditional congressman and then became one became you know i guess he just self describes himself as one and how quickly you know you can go down this rabbit hole of trying to figure out what's real and what's not when you i've covered for the new york times for for many years they were for vanity fair for many years written several books and and i always find i find it hard to believe a lot of the.

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