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Album. On who started this off our government there has asked the European Union for support inducting the three along Islamist insurgency in the northern province off Carbo Delgado. The violence has increased this year with insurgents are talking important towns at least 1500 people have been killed and an estimated quarter of a million have had to flee their homes to discuss this issue. We spoke of Unger, director off the Center for Democracy on Development in Maputo. I started off by asking him why the Muslim become government was turning to the you for support. That is important. It has to be in the studio that government submitted that request to the U A day before you discussed the situation ofthe human rights abused in caboodle God, so in a sense, there's the request itself. But there is a political issue off preempting right? Why not turn to the Southern African Development Community? Sadako Even the African Union? Why go all the way to Brussels is exactly what I'm saying. There is an East request. But there is also an issue off preempting the situation off being exposed as violations ofthe human rights. And in fact, we have been calling for Muslim beak to use Sadiq and in reality Muslim because chairing the Sadik now And he could use that to get support both from the subject and you, But that is not happening. I don't understand what you mean. When you say that the exposure What do you mean by that There is on DH serious off human rights violations in Kabul, Delgado and you was going to discuss the Mozambique situation. So they have anticipated to serve make that request. Right? And the EU was to come in at all. What sort of help would it provide? That can give some logistical support. And also they could give and some sort ofthe merely three training, Teo. The Muslim big military capacity on from what you're saying human rights violations taking which form on Who do you say, is responsible for those violations, their number off a Matis videos showing shocking abuse off human rights by the state Defense forces, and there's also Grotesque and actions against villians by the insurgents. So it is by both sides. At the moment. The situation is escalation ofthe conflict. This collision off fighting with continuous attacks into communities by the insurgents. And with that happening, communities have to flee. Now there is about 3000 I d peas as gutted around the capital city off member and the Northern province off Nampula and some of the people refugee into Tanzania, right? He's being internally displaced people now. For people who are in Maputo. Do you think they consider the issues in Ah Delgado as part of their problem, definitely, Capital goddess part of Mapo, too, And that problem is very much a viewed as a national problem, not only because it's the sovereignty that is being attacked, but also and importantly, is because this insurgency He's sitting in between the Mozambique people to harness the potential that is out there from the wealthy class guys results that is out there. A general of Unger, director of the Center for Democracy and Development in Maputo was a big Now. Dr. Shaw is a former cardiologists based in Nigeria, who sent 2013 in the chair of the Rotary International's polio eradication program. We just played a crucial role in the eradication of polio in Africa, with Nigeria being officially declared. Three of the virus that was just on the 25th of August off this year, well in recognition off his contribution to the global efforts to clear polio doctor Fanshaw has just been named in the time magazine list off the 100 most influential people across the globe and he joins us now from Vegas. Good morning to you, Dr Financial. Thank you very much. Joining us on congratulations. Thank you very much for having me And can I ask when that day came on the 25th of August after all these years, more than seven years? That you've been involved. Obviously, it's been decades that Nigeria's been fighting this actually hear that Nigeria's polio free. What did that mean? It meant, you know that. Finally we have been able to lead not only an idea, but the continent of Africa. Who region of the world polio virus. It means investors. No child again is being paralyzed by the work of the virus. So It's dream come true for the world we set out to do you know, three decades ago. Concerned and yet it hasn't been easy has it? I mean, I know you faced in 90, especially in the north of Nigeria, the same kind of challenges that we've been hearing this morning that are facing medics in Afghanistan in Pakistan, where you have to overturn superstitions and wide held beliefs by certain people that their dangers in the polio vaccine. Yes, There's always this issue of communication on DH. We we have gradually over the has been able to overcome that, you know. Between people's perception of the reality when they see that actually the vaccine works on this stop seeing and each I've been paralyzed in the environment by the polio virus us against what they used to see before. The insurgency also played the role in the whole system apart. And how did you do that? You say battling on the one hand the insurgency but also badly and and sending the virus or the sending the immunization to those areas and administering it during conflict, But also when you're dealing with The challenge of people who don't believe in the vaccine people who were making a concerted effort to put out propaganda disputing it. So when people in Pakistan a hearing that What do you tell them? How did you come back? Well, they have started in the same upon that we stopped her. We're not to refashion our communication strategy. Excuse me, but by using the traditional little ship that are very close to the people. On every level, you know, communities, this people their leaders. Traditionally, this people they know will not miss list them. And so you know, with the coming together of the traditional leadership Come by the government we've had the traditionally does counsel for immunization and polio. They were a major game changer in changing the attitude of people towards the or a polio vaccine. On. That was a tremendous opportunity for us to get to every nook and cranny of the country and have you know the child get there a polio vaccine, So a communication a reassurance was very important and it worked. And what difference will this recognition five Time magazine make? Because I know you and your other vote tree club members would go farm wide about.

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