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Can soccer match on monday night like what is the deal here i think is as i for one think is super live that fans are just kinda like lesson we have to go to work on tuesday we can't be out at on monday night or whatever but uh but if they put like half the energy they put into t foes and protesting like monday night football maybe there's something wrong with how this works of biron keeps doing this and like yeah this same time were you not blake talking to extolling the virtues of watching the bundesliga to me a couple of months ago whereas talking about eighty show i would be pissed all like the the ambiance of it is in is extremely important because of the fans are showing up to the game because they feel pissed about headed into the game went on scoring 40 at each other yeah i know what i mean like the the the the highlights from the for the ospar get me like mario goats after the game so that didn't really affect the team at all but at the same time it's just like you you watched the eu washed the buddhists they go for like playoff atmosphere ups yet you asked them for the vibes yeah yeah i mean i you know you gotta make capitalism work for you read the and the classical him was on he knows as crazy as long as that's the thing and as long as soccer is like a pretty open market buyer munich has just gonna exists in the way they they exist so you know the fans want the games for at least be on the times where they want to watch um so i think that's a thing that they can probably maybe effect some change i don't think they're ever gonna like reduce inequality in the bundesliga uh i don't think the fans have power to do that i like i like this to be honest like 'cause i think about the premier league in it's like you know.

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