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Immediately after the blast the humor of the entire situation. Suddenly gave way to a run for survival is huge chunks of whale blubber everywhere. Pieces of meat past high over our heads while others were falling at our feet the dunes where rapidly evacuated the spectators escape both the falling debris in the overwhelming smell apart car over a quarter of a mile from the blast site was the target of one large chunk. The passenger compartment literally smashed fortunately, no human was hit as badly as the car over everyone on the scene was covered with small particles of dead. Wale. As for the success of the effort on the seagulls who were supposed to clean things up were nowhere in sight. Either scared away by the explosion or kept away by the smell. That didn't really matter the remaining juncture of such a size that no respectable Siegel would attempt to tackle. Anyway, as darkness began to set in the highway crews, we're back on the beach burying the remains, including a large piece of the carcass, which never left the blast site. It might be concluded that should a whale ever washy shore in lane county, again, those in charge will not only remember what to do. They'll certainly remember what not to do. So. That was the report Walt. I just want to give them one more little plug here. And then it's back to you. Look this report has only at one other time in all its twenty five year history been released to anybody to run and that was to I think cagey. Oh, and San Francisco that did a piece on it. And so I feel very honored that KT you allowed us to run it. Now, they're very nice people up there in Portland. And once again, you can see it for yourself the video that goes with the report if you're in Portland, it'll be Wednesday November I in their newscasts at five pm and six six thirty and then eleven as well with the series airing Thursday and Friday, November second and third at five six thirty and eleven so don't miss it. And thanks to Doug Brazil, the news director and everybody else at K A to you. It was. A rare opportunity, and I'm glad we could provide it for you. Well, while there it was sound familiar. Always puzzled me about this fact that if you get under the. Underneath the bureaucrats and get them all upset about something you usually get an IRS audit. I never could understand is how I was the only one who protested what this guy was doing. How the hell he ever directed that piece of whale to the top of my car. But he did did you get audited? No. No. Did they promptly pay up? I mean, you hate me in two days in two days. Yeah. I gotta I gotta check it two days. I think what they were really afraid of this thing really made the newspapers AP wire service, and I had people from Germany send me the newspapers relatives I have over there. And I think what the what they were afraid of. It's probably all these people could've sued them at least for new clothes. We got home we had to rent a car to go home in. Yes. And we had an it with cold. We had to have the win all windows down all the way home. That's how bad it was. Now when you're napkins who who is not living anymore. The hell would they guy both funny because he went in the garage and his wife come out and she made him strip make it in the garage. Let him in. Now, you're looking back. This is obvious. You can laugh but on the day that it actually happened did did people at that moment. See really see the humor in this. Or I'm talking about group that was actually there and had all this stuff falling on them. They probably weren't laughing. It wasn't funny at all. And it's absolutely amazing. That no one was seriously injured. I mean, that's what I tried to tell this guy when he was doing another the Commissioner told me, it was not gonna kill somebody, you know, and as luck hazard at turned out to be a funny story. But thank God. Indeed won't I would like to submit just a few moments of questions from listeners. This is such a famous story that I thought I'd let you take a couple of calls willing to do that. Or I don't know what people would ask it's all pretty self explanatory. But we can find out. East of the Rockies, you're on the air with Walt on Hoffer. Hello there. Hi. Hi. Where are you an Eugene, Oregon, Eugene, Oregon, all right? You're on the air. That is Ron in Houston, Texas. Oregon Ron Houston, Texas. Yeah. That's what I meant to ask. Where you were. Yes, sir. Okay. Well, you're on the air with Walt okay hours. The story with art bell. Well, that's that's who you got. We're on the air. Now, you're on the air, Walt. Okay. I. And then really impressed. Levity in interest in the variation of projects that you bring forward through the people. What you're saying in word is I've got a weird show, sir. Thank you. I put a damper on it. But that you brought out over the last two weeks. Oh, that wouldn't be the moment for it, sir. We've got questions here for Walton. Only a few more moments with them west of the Rockies, you're on the air with Walt Amun Hoffer. Hi, hello. Art. I was actually not calling with any questions regarding the whale. I the trying to get a hold of us. I could ask you a couple of other things. Well, then you'll have to do that. After our guests are wildcard line two. You're on the air with wall almond Hoffer high. Yeah. Quick comment. I, you know, this the first time that this isn't the first time something like this has happened. I think I think it was done once before right northern California. When I was in college in nineteen seventy eight my professor told us about in northern California where they tried to blow up. Same kind of thing where they tried. Yeah. It didn't it just kind of splattered. He's that it wasn't quite as quite a big show is what happened up in Oregon. This kind of splattered all over the place to the main card. Bill has anybody? I'm curious anybody come up with an actual good way to dispose of a well, I saw at the end they sort of buried in the sand. I think that's what they did in this case too. It's just it's an impossible situation. In other words, whales. Don't would you say that Walt that whales. Don't really well. I blew up part of it blew up. But there was so much of it left. I think better than half was still intact. Ooh. Wales don't blow up easily. No. First time caller line. You're on the air with wall on all right, gentlemen, Milwaukee. Yes. Turn red turn your radio officer, turn your radio. That's awesome. Okay. Good. Was there anyone that yield? She probably would have been a good idea. Was was. Okay. Thanks was there. Any kind of countdown. The television supplied one walnut was very dramatic. But was there any kind of countdown? They did otherwise on the site. All I remember them waving their hats, it one all clear how 'bout fire in the hole or something like that. Thompson. East of the Rockies, you're on the air with Walt Auburn Hoffer. Hi, how you doing? Well, good. Well, now, what about these environmental all these guys going crazy because someone blew up a whale would now believe me biologists and everybody and they weren't screaming. Holy. That was lacking the date back in the good old days. Let's put it that way today. They would probably scream bloody murder. There's no big protest when someone blew up away. No now now bear in mind. This whale had as Russia would say assumed room temperature to the point where it was hard to stay in the vicinity. So I guess that's your answer. Where are you, sir? Where we're in Houston, Texas, Houston. All right. Yeah. And I'm wondering about your book. Well, it's on the way are you going to get that second edition? It's in imprint now because I was wondering what's the big advantage to the first edition? Listen, I I don't want to go in don't tell me. Well, no. Well, all right goodbye. I know who he is. He's the guy who calls meals every morning wants to the Rockies you're on the air with Walt on hover. Hello. Hey, walk. Wild story. They're trying to picture myself being in that thing. This is Bill from Olympia. Anyone cares? I'm trying to imagine watching this well though, and all that stuff coming down. And I've tried to decide what do I run watched a fallen dodge the big one. That's a good point. In other words, running you wouldn't see one coming at you. At least a few stood in one place and kind of dodged around a little bit you you'd have. That's a good point. Yeah. That's what I kind of. Did I stood there? In fact, by what the big hit my car figuring. I don't know the personally that ever dodge it or not if it really come here. That's about moving pretty fast. That's what I'm trying to figure out. How? Dodger run, which one would work. You know, when you told it won't. Thank you caller. It kind of reminded me I like roadrunner cartoons. And I used to watch cartoons where things would go up, and you kind of pictured it as going way up and then sort of stopping. And suspending likely when a debt. As it reached its highest point. And then and then, of course, I suppose then slowly it would seem from the ground that it would begin falling back toward you that kind of deal. East of the Rockies. You're on the air with Walt on Hoffer. Hello. Yeah. What kind of car was that ninety eight regency? A what old rahmael regency regency a brand new one too? Brand new smelly region. Okay. Thank you. Yeah. Where are you by the way, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma city, right? Yeah. Brand new one that must've been heartbreaking. I mean, you know again. Yeah, we can laugh now. But I know how you feel when you have a brand new car. There's nothing like it. It must have been heartbreaking. You know, it was pretty serious thing until after it was over. Then we all had then then it became funny with nobody was hurt. At the scene or later at home when you were laughing about it. When later at home. West of the Rockies, you're on the air with wall hover aloe. Yeah. This is the Ron from Palmdale. Ron. Yeah. This story kinda reminds me of when the old days when I see the fireworks show class beat explosive and. Wiring finale or. I'm trying to think of the plate. Doesn't matter wherever it was. You were doing a show. Yeah. And we were wiring finale, and I was talking to this guy all all explosive guy and. He told me about a story when they were somewhere in Europe blowing bridges up and he said. You know kid when you wanna blow something up that? My teacher told me. You figure out how much dynamite you need. And you double it. And remind me of guy telling me, the story is there actually want any way to calculate how much dynamite would've taken to as they wish to do obliviate or turned into little tiny particles, such I think what they should have done it. They were gonna use the closer, you know, with puts them, maybe the case or two in singles stick on top of the whale and put it on top of it. So it would kind of blow it in apart in place more or less need still buried a pieces. But at least you'd have smaller pieces to bury. But. But this guy thought he was going to by putting the dynamite on the inboard side. He figured he was gonna blow the whole thing off the ocean didn't work that way. Wildcard line. You're on the air with Walt Amun Hoffer alot. Hello. Hi. Yeah. The sale. Yes, right thing to do is Buddha bar across the way. Do what a steel bar a steel bar? Yes. And then dirope and drag it out to see then you blow it up..

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