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When really you're a soprano. Oh, and if you could bundle your renters and car insurance with Geico, it's easy to do online and we could save money. And then when you read your murder mysteries at night, could you read out loud But skip the murder parts Because I get scared for bundling made easy, go to Geico dot com today. Kobe 19 has impacted assault. But for cancer patients who have experienced delays and treatment, isolation and heightened risk from the disease. It's been devastating. On Thursday, November 12th join honorary chairs Karen and Matt Colin and Mary and Tom Schaeffer for a virtual night of Discovery in support of the American Cancer Society is work to fund a future free from cancer. Cancer hasn't stopped, so neither can we join us at night of Discovery Detroit dot org's for more information. If a natural disaster comes knocking. How prepared is your family? You can't just close the door on earthquakes, floods or hurricanes and hope they go away. That's why it's important to make a plan. Now ready dot gov slash plan has the tools and tips you need to prepare your family for an emergency. So if disaster shows up at your doorstep, you'll be ready. Is it ready? Dot gov slash plan and make a plan today brought to you by FEMA in the council. People listening to the rich Paul show. We'll show you howto be rich financially, of course, back here in the second quarter of the rich Paul show with Steve and a rich Paul certified financial planners at R. W Fallin Associates, too, for a 305 99 11 year.

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