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What's up, everybody? Welcome in another new addition to Celtic speed, of course, you know, a lot of things to get into obviously on the heels of what was a really good, really important win over the sixers who won't spend too much time really dissecting that one specifically, especially with such a big road trip on the horizon here for this team 5 games out west, which could I'm not gonna say it's gonna make or break the season or anything. We're still early on in the year, but it is pivotal obviously to the early year's success of this club by madam Kaufman and valenti here as always. Gary washburn, good friend of the program joining us once again. Gary, what's going on? Hey guys, how's it going? Good to talk to you. I just can't believe it's December man. Have that happen. Yeah, I know, I know. December 1st, or what? Second question. Yeah, Christmas is a ride around the corner and then another new year. So, yeah. Luckily, gladly 21 wasn't as tough as 20 in terms of just a lot of things. So hopefully we're getting out of this situation. Some of the situations that we're in, do you have a nice Thanksgiving? Yeah, it was great. It was great. Yeah, good. So yeah, they would everybody else did eat watch watch football about it. Nice. Well, yeah, I mean, obviously everybody's obsessed with looking forward. You know, what I've certainly noticed and this is just as a sports fan. This is a unique to self expands. And or even necessarily the Boston region, but I feel like there's a certain element of it here in this area with these pro teams because we've become so obviously title town over the last couple of decades that it's sort of become entitled town as well for all of the fans that it's a lot of looking ahead, not so much, you know, living in the moment and appreciating sort of the process of things because I think especially self expand specifically, people are sort of tired, you know, tired of the waiting and the promise and the man this looks good on paper. It doesn't translate on the court and everything that happened under Danny and Brad to now email and a couple of all star borderline all NBA caliber players on this team trying to take everything to the next level and yet here we are, again, early December with an important road trip on the way. And this is, you know, it's a middling group. Evan and I were just talking about it before the show. You know, we've talked about it a lot on past shows. Evans saying, you know, maybe just it's got to take time. You know, we all want to change you talk to us about the need for change so many times on this show. Well, the change is here. Are we having trouble giving good time? Yeah, I mean, I think there's an impatient. I think the.

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