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To seventy eighty degrees on Peachtree street at six oh seven I don't know how close attention you were paying but as it turns out every single story that newscast was about the traffic and driving and rex we live in Atlanta Doug durable a long eighty five northbound today aggressive relive it jams arctic club road there but about three separate problems before that of clear between Pleasant Hill Indian trail at Pleasant Hill road the ride is about forty minutes south brook what about the struggle all right as set up Steve Reynolds about that your private bitter drivers block traffic there got it through a parking lot look back at Pleasant Hill Alex Williams goal to get rid of traffic that are still slow for northbound from Glenn ranges you head up to the north springs marta station then you jam up again from when we're parkway to highway one forty wanted for site county four hundred south on the brakes all non parkway to trouble cleared it Mansell road in a slogan might be something new around Abernathy because you're hitting the brakes leading Northridge northwest Mike bizzare slow right seventy five south about getting down to I twenty five from the south one twenty looks at two sixty three is a sluggish right seventy five north bound from don't roll getting up through five seventy five a new trouble in the debates we jam cam five seventy five north bound at testing row exit three is off to the right shoulder with gems you back to bury parkway exit one dove terrible watch for the both they gave off a car eighty five south south of exit one forty seven because it is every six.

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