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Don't knock the weather around RDA didn't change once in a while nine out of ten people couldn't start a conversation. How about that storm last night? Leash latest forecast at the top and bottom of the hour on NewsRadio eleven forty W RDA logo news at the top and thirty minutes past the hour on NewsRadio. You are. These workers a fortune five hundred technology executive Ed was CEO of the first internet radio network. Digital political strategist helping the Whiteside. Use new technology more effectively visa public speaker and host a radio show on Seattle's k t t h ladies and gentlemen. Please. Welcome guest host Todd bourbon, absolute pleasure and honor to fill in for Rush Limbaugh and his the network, and particularly such days this that we call open line Friday. Why New York it's open. What are the many pleasures is for me because only the local show is to talk to folks from around the country. So when I get to do this. I love to the last hour just as many calls as we can get as much of your point of view on the air as possible. I will get things started with just some talking talking points. But thought points first of all to our meeting at the White House. I think that's the team at the White House. The president had to know.

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