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Worship of zeus supreme so the bring into this altar where there was a bull and they put them inside of the bull the lebron's bullet brazen bull and they light a fire under him and they burn him they they cook him inside the belly of the school and there's a mechanism in there so that it captures the cries of the person dying and the mouth of the nostrils of the book come to life and he he apparently prayed for his congregation till the moment of his death so this was this was an offering you know to to to the god of empire right there in the state of pregnant and it uses the word witness inside of this letter and and we don't quite see it but it was a technical legal term it meant that the emperor had ordered that this person must or about him as god or be killed and so this this was he was arrested as a citizen as as a member of this empire trialed found guilty and offered to zeus as a sacrifice so definitely yes this was happening the worship but it was going to of course change because this was a time of change the an why did us write this letter himself to the seven churches when all of these other letters were written by paul and peter and jude and all these other disciples he had you know he is this king the king of time and space why would he you know bother to write a letter and to understand the mystery of that we have to kind of no that it was here inside of this very land inside of these where these seven churches are where the soul of europe was knit to zeus and grew to become the greco roman empire which attacked jerusalem you know twice once to the greek who and once on the roman rule and so it's very important to understand where this altar is this altar at the.

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