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Podcast facebook group. And if you'd like to join you be very welcome this week. I'm talking to leslie. Cain about the netflix series. Having death the show is based on leslie's book surviving death. A journalist investigates evidence their afterlife. This lee appears in several episodes and was a consulting producer on the series leslie as an independent investigative journalist and the new york times the huffington post and has been featured in print and broadcast media for over twenty years. Leslie thanks a lot. For coming onto the podcast. It's really kind of you to give us your time again. we'll simon. I'm really glad to be back with you. Thank you for having me. Netflix series surviving. Death is based on your book of the same name. isn't it it is. I'm very pleased that the premier just about a week ago from one we're doing this interview And it's already at number four in the united states. It was number nine in the world coupla days ago so i think the show is got a very big audience. It's doing well and yes. It is based on my book. I think in some parts of it align more closely to my book than other parts of the screenwriters had their own vision of you know how they wanted to portray the themes that are in my book so there are some differences between the series in my book about. I think they complement each other very well and certainly the book was the sort of jumping off point for the show. Absolutely that's correct when it came to the series. Did they come to you. Did you go to them with a proposal. i actually had known these filmmakers for years. This company is called breakthrough films. And they're based in new york. And i had worked with them in twenty eleven because they did a two hour special with me based on my book on. Ufo's which was which came out in two thousand ten and that book There was an ear times bestseller so in history channel. Did a two hour special on it based on it. They were the ones that did that. So we have stayed in touch. Of course all those years and become very good friends and so when this book came out Yes i just approached them with it and the timing was right there. They really loved these kinds of topics. And what's great about it is. They tend to be sort of skeptical about these topics but they love the fact that i'm taking a serious approach to them. So they love jumping off of that working with the but that's how it all happens. Just that i knew them before. And i was you know there. I was working with a a kind of an agent producer. Who really thought this should be made into a series and they were my absolute first choice to do it and of course who could ask for a better venue the netflix. So i went to breakthrough films. And they took the proposal to net flicks. That's how it will happen. And so it was a partnership and it wasn't just i. This is my book. I in charge..

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